Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Did you make the playoffs?!

Good morning, fantasy football friends. Here's hoping you all have made the playoffs - or if your league doesn't start playoffs until Week 15, may you be close to clinching the deal. Some of you have asked how I'm doing in my 7 leagues and after this weekend I'll report back on how many playoff appearances I'll be making this season.

Now onto today's links:

  • Hatty Waiver Wire Guru consistently finds pretty much all the random guys out there that are fantasy worthy, so when Hatty tells you that there isn't much at the QB or TE position when it comes to waiver wire selections out there, then that means you should really brace yourself.
  • If you dig getting your waiver wire advice via video, then try out KFFL.com's Week 14 Waiver Wire video - it's short but sweet - or NFL.com's Fantasy: Waiver wire with some playoffs-specific advice for both starters and reserves.
  • More waiver advice - try Fox's Top 10 waiver wire claims: Week 14 or one of my weekly favorites, AccuScore's NFL Waiver Wire Wonders: Week 14.
  • Fantasyfootball.com has a solid Dow Jones Report for a review on the value (based on the average auction value) of players that are creeping up or down in fantasyland.
  • Is there anything more devastating to a playoffs victory than a late season injury? I mean, Marion Barber, come on! I need you as a cog in my playoffs wheel! Check out Stephania Bell's blog, All eyes on Marion Barber's status, for news on MBIII and other key injured players.
  • Barracuda Fantasy Sports has a great article that might help with your Week 14 lineups - Forward Thinking includes Week 14 fantasy mismatches and fantasy mistakes.
  • More advice on guys to avoid during the playoffs comes from The Hazean's By the numbers: Avoid these fantasy playoff duds.


Unknown said...

in 3 for 3! probably out in the first round in 2 but i think i could go all the way in 1. good luck this week!

bigboid said...

Potlicker, I love your Brownie! I made my league playoffs, even though we have one more week of regular season to play. But this was the league with the owners who failed to show for the live draft, so no real prize there.

Matt said...

Ditto, bigboid. Clinched the week before last so my Slaton-powered victory this week was just gravy, and one week to go.

Currently just in one league (a league of integrity, instead of a sheet of integrity - ala Mike Greenberg). I may do a second league next year, maybe a Yahoo public league if nothing else, in the hopes of finding a league where people:
a) show up to the live draft
b) actually use the waiver wire
c) actually update their rosters to account for those pesky byes and injuries

As it stands only the league commissioner and I have been consistent, and it shows on the record. Like bigboid indicates, it takes a lot of the fun out of it when it's not a fair fight.

I wonder about having a surfeit of leagues to manage, however. It seems like it'd be hard to manage them all equally well. It's like the parent's dilemma, where they claim they don't have a favorite child, but in reality they probably do whether they admit it to themselves or not.

Bradley said...

Hey fantasy football librarian,

I'd just like to say that this blog is very awesome. This is my second year as commissioner of a FF Bowl (on Fox Sports) which has launched my love for football as a whole. Sadly, I am a Bengals fan... Anywho, I'd just like to voice my appreciation for awesome job you do on this site for the week.

And I did get into the playoffs, securing the last slot last week.

Bradley said...

* the awesome job

Anonymous said...

I'm one game out with one to go. I still have a chance at grabbing the final playoff spot.

Thanks Sara "the librarian" for the quality posts and great links all season.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Congrats everyone - I'm so proud! Keep up the good work - I want to hear about all your championship trophies.

And thank you for the positive feedback, Bradley and Jason. Much appreciated.