Friday, December 12, 2008

Start, sit, IDP advice and more!

Last night I left my house with about 4 minutes left in the New Orleans vs Chicago Thursday Night game to meet up with some friends for a quick drink - when I got there one of them said, "wow you must really like us to come out when there's a game on!" and yes, indeed, I do have my priorities straight: friends before football. Usually.

But since I left before the end of the game, I missed the OT situation that occurred and Marques Colston's second touchdown of the season. Second touchdown?! A mere two TDs is not what I was anticipating on draft day...

Anyway, here's your Friday start/sit listing for Week 15 - I should be back with a consensus by tomorrow so stay tuned!

I've got a handful of non-start or sit links for you today, too:


Lester's Legends said...

Colston has been a disappointment, but he's exactly the kind of guy I want to draft next year. I love bounce back guys.

Anonymous said...

Romo vs Giants or Thigpen vs Chargers

Who would you start?

Anonymous said...

I like Romo this weekend. T.O. and Witten have a lot of motivation to get open and catch anything within reach. Romo will have to throw at least 40 times - if his o-line gives him time, I think he has a big game.