Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arctic blast leads to fantasy football's time to shine

I was back in the bowling alley last night, my friends. It appears as though the time off (about a month now since I last attended bowling league night) was a pretty good thing for me - but what is exceedingly clear now is that my secret to bowling well is a combo of random 80s music and about 1.25 beers. Throw out all that other stuff about form and finding your mark and whatever else all the hardcore bowlers in the league are spouting off...I finally know my secret weapon. I can't wait to get back there next week.

Hopefully all of you in the midwest, northeast, mid-atlantic, heck even my family as far south as Knoxville and Atlanta are cozied up with a cup of coffee, blanket, snuggie (now you want one don't you? do you think snuggies are the only thing turning a profit right now?), pet, loved one, whatever it takes to keep you warm. I think the arctic blast is a great excuse to stay home and work on your fantasy football team for this playoffs weekend, no?

Did you happen to notice that poll over there to the right side? If so, I'd love your thoughts on whether or not you'd actually pay money for FFLibrarian t-shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, baby bibs, whatever. I've found a venue for selling the gear, now I just need to design what it would look like (contact me if by chance you'd like to share your design services with me) but only if this is something you guys would actually purchase. Personally I'd probably line my desk with FFLibrarian mugs but I realize I'm probably the exception to the rule.

Onto links for the day:

  • Yesterday I linked to RotoExperts' QB Rankings for this weekend's games and today they have their Championship Playoff Round - RB Rankings up.
  • The Hazean's Sleeper Watch this week might be a bit of a misnomer as The Hazean sees no real sleeper options. But read on for key players and game predictions.
  • Lester's Legends has some start/sit thoughts for you for this weekend in NFL Playoffs Conference Championship Start/Sit - I'm glad to see that Lester likes a lot of Eagles since my two fantasy playoffs rosters are full of Eagles - McNabb, Westbrook, Celek, Jackson and the Eagles D/ST all make an appearance at least once in my leagues...
  • There's some speculation that Terrell Owens may be released from the Cowboys during the offseason. As an owner of Owens in my keeper league, I'll be keeping a close eye on how this progresses.
  • The AccuScore simulator goes to work again - take a look at their predictions for how the games will go with game forecasts and fantasy rankings in Playoff Fantasy Football: Conference Championship Round.

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Lester's Legends said...

Doesn't T.O. to the Patriots sound so weird that it would just work. He's a headcase, but Bill has worked with those before. He could get maximum out of T.O.

I could use about three snuggies out here in MN. Negative twenty this morning with about 90 straight sub-zero temp before all is said and done.