Sunday, January 04, 2009

Colts out = bad things for my fantasy lineup

For so many reasons I'm bummed that the Colts lost last night - not only are they one of my favorite teams (and my husband would like to name our firstborn child Peyton Manning Holladay) but they are a major component in my fantasy playoffs lineup. This is an unfortunate turn of events. Today I will be eschewing my fantasy needs and will pull for Miami - love the feel-good story there - despite the fact that I have absolutely zero Dolphins on either of my fantasy playoffs lineups.

Speaking of which, thanks to all of you who are in my FFLibrarian's Challenge - there are 161 of us and I'm floored by how many of you have shown interest. You guys are awesome and I'm excited to see who will come out on top! Onto the links for today:

  • Bruno Boys' Wild Card Weekend Updated Rankings - Risers & Fallers - sure, half the games are over but the Bruno Boys nailed Sproles here so you might want to scope their thoughts on today's games before finalizing the remainder of your fantasy lineup.
  • If you have the Eagles D/ST on your fantasy lineup like me or you're just curious about the Eagles vs Vikings matchup, check out Football news from a chick's Eagles sure to blitz.
  • Perhaps you're not into this playoffs fantasy football thing but you're still looking for FF info and links - no problem. FFXtreme has the results from six rounds of their 2009 non-PPR mock draft up with commentary on guys to keep an eye on and possible sleepers for next season.
  • Or take a look at CBS Sportsline's Fantasy & Reality: Buckle Up for some early thoughts on 2009 - Dave Richard promises an extremely busy offseason, which frankly makes me quite happy. You already have a head start on the rest of your league by being here since I will do my best to keep you updated on all things fantasy football.
By the way - and this is apropos to nothing - if you saw someone show up at a football game wearing a Snuggie (yes, I apparently have been watching a lot of ESPN lately and therefore getting a heavy dose of infomercials on the Snuggie), would you laugh your head off or feel a little bit jealous? The Snuggie looks absolutely ridiculous but as a person who is often cold and found covered with a blanket, a tiny part of me actually covets the Snuggie...though I cannot possibly fathom why an individual would risk wearing a Snuggie to a football game, much less donning the entire family in Snuggies. That's asking for some serious trouble if you ask me.


PawPaw said...

As I write this I am wrapped in my Snugglie and wiping my profuse tears with a Sham-Wow wondering why I loaded up on Falcons and Colts. I guess I can kiss that $25 gift card good-bye. Wait till next year!!!

Anonymous said...

The really sad thing about last night is that I had Sproles in my line-up and at 3:15 I exchanged Sproles for Michael Turner. Yeah. I'm a smart one. Thanks for setting up the league. I too believe I am officially out of the running.
Paw Paw...your comments made me laugh all I can say is sham-WOW.

Matt said...

Maybe somebody you know skilled in crafts could fashion a Bronco-themed Snuggie-like blanket?

Westbrook came through with a TD, so I at least didn't feel like a complete fool. I'll still need to replace Peyton, D. Clark, R. Wayne, Vinatieri and J. Addai (in addition to Roddy White), exhausting 6 of my 8 moves. *sigh* That doesn't bode well for having much of a team come Superbowl.

Lester's Legends said...

The Colts killed me too.

bigboid said...

What kills me about The Amazing Snuggie (and I mentioned this in my own blog post re: the same) is that, besides looking completely ridiculous, it's still open in the back. So it wouldn't do you a bit of good sitting on cold metal bleachers, no matter what the TV commercials show of the "happy family" all cheering Johnny's soccer game in their matching Snuggies.