Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes They Can - the Cardinals really made it...

Like the good native Washingtonian that I am, I will be watching the inauguration on tv tomorrow morning and likely won't get a post up until rather late in the I thought I'd get a few quick links up tonight.

I hope you all enjoyed the conference championship games this weekend. I still cannot believe that the Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl, but kudos to Arizona and its fans; and of course to the Steelers as well. By the way this was the first Saturday without some sort of football in months and months and I for one was a bit bummed. The ability to go for a run in a t-shirt made it a bit better (it's supposed to be nearly 70 here tomorrow!) but this is just a reminder of the cold, dark time ahead for us football fans.

  • If you found yourself occupied with other events this weekend (like say, en route to the big inauguration celebration like millions of others) and didn't catch the conference championship games, scope out Dr U Fantasy Football Guru's Fantasy Studs/Fantasy Duds - Championship Week for reasons to love Fitz...and to curse McClain. I'm happy to report that I had TE Brent Celek in one of my two leagues, which felt brilliant, I'll be honest. Certainly makes me wonder where he might be be ranked come August...
  • I think it's worth noting that Jacob from Fantasy Football Fools called the Cardinals vs Steelers Super Bowl outcome and went all out this past weekend with fantasy players from those two teams - so if you're looking for someone with some solid insight, keep the Fools in mind for the offseason.
  • FFXtreme has taken a look at their 2008 Third-Year Breakout Wide Receivers rankings with some reflection - and list their top 5 2009 third-year WRs. There are some great players on that list like Calvin Johnson but personally I'm digging Anthony Gonzalez in '09 - I see him being a better WR than Ginn, Breaston and maybe Bowe next year.
  • Wondering about injuries and how that might affect your fantasy decisions for the Super Bowl? Sure, some leagues are locked for the Super Bowl; whatever decisions you have made already are likely set for the final game unless you played my FFLibrarian's Challenge well and have some room for edits in your lineup. If so, and you're wondering how injuries might affect your lineup choices (like Hines Ward) read The Hazean's Monday Morning Rehab.
So speaking of that FFLibrarian's Challenge, here's a list of the overall top 10 in my competition:
  1. Year of the Vikes
  2. Salem Cowboys
  3. Al Davis Wannabe
  4. Los Angeles Pro State
  5. Renegades
  6. 28Rams39
  7. Ryan's Falcons
  8. Pocket Kings
  10. Project Fantasy X
Enjoy the historic day for our country and I'll be back soon with more links!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props on my call that the Cardinals and Steelers would face off in the Super Bowl. My fantasy team reaped the benefits.