Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fantasy thoughts from a wind tunnel

So last night the weather forecast alerted me to possible hurricane-force winds here in Boulder - that the wind would be somewhat constant all day with these crazy gusts that will come along. And I kid you not when I say that I think I might have gotten some lift-off this morning as I was walking to the bus stop (not to mention the Cousin It look I was rocking since I didn't clamp down my hair before meeting the wind - poor choice). No joke, I honestly think both of my feet left the ground for a second. Not sure that's really possible but trust me, as I look out my window at this massive construction crane that seems to be swaying in the wind, I am not very excited about exiting the building at any time today.

But tonight I will bowl again. You regulars out there know about my bowling exploits and somewhat default participation in a bowling league - due to the holidays, I haven't bowled in several weeks (except on a Wii - does that count?) so I'm thinking there's a chance I will either be really awful or the break will have done me some good. I'm leaning towards the latter since who doesn't want to be optimistic when they hit the alley?

Let's get to some fantasy football links now...

  • Wanna win a 42" LCD tv? Then scope out the Fifth Down's post Most Valuable Player (for the Money) about Vizio's contest for the Top Value Performer - possible winners include Nick Collins, Matt Cassel, Steve Slaton, Antonio Bryant and Brandon Marshall. I can't help my Denver-loving self for voting for Marshall but I think Cassel is likely going to be the winner here. Agree? Disagree? For those who are curious, last year's Top Value Performer was David Garrard.
  • CBS Sportsline's Under the radar: Players not on marquee, but still key in playoffs discusses some of the clutch playoffs players that you might not have noticed like Charles Godfrey, Heath Miller and Quintin Mikell.
  • FFManiaxs are still rolling with their January 2009 IDP Rankings - this time they have an initial ranking of defensive backs that you might want to focus on in 2009.
  • The Bruno Boys are putting up their Divisional Round playoff rankings - they have QB and RB rankings up with more to follow later this week.
  • Finally, a link that many dynasty/keeper league players will find invaluable, check out Rotoworld's 2009 Keeper Rankings divided into the guys ranked 31-50 and then 1-30. Good stuff as always. What I really like here are seeing the 2007 and 2008 rankings as well - gives some nice perspective and insight into Gregg Rosenthal's mindset for rankings. I have to admit, I'm intrigued by the top 5...

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