Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prep for the Championship Round

Greetings football fans. I'm wrapping up my analysis for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association on the expert fantasy football website that was most accurate with their 2008 preseason rankings. I'm looking at positional rankings this year rather than just overall rankings so I think this year's analysis is going to be pretty strong. The award will be presented at the FSTA conference in two weeks and right after that I'll have an article up on the NY Times' Fifth Down describing the process and winners. There will be an overall winner for the site that most accurately captured QB, RB, WR and TE outcomes, but I'll focus on the individual positions, too, and which sites were particularly strong this year at say WR. I should emphasize here (as I'll emphasize a billion more times over the next few weeks) that this is just one year of data - to really know which site is "the best" we need to look at many more years of data.

Moving onto today's links:

  • Fantasy Hulks have taken a look at the 2008 season and offer up their retrospective on MVPs and busts in 2008 Hulk Awards.
  • I believe I'll be participating in a 2009 mock draft with the Bruno Boys later this week and one resource I'm sure to turn to is the FFManiaxs' 2009 Fantasy Football Rankings: Running Backs, which lists the top 40 backs and some commentary on non-ranked players as well.
  • For the mock I will also be scoping out CBS Sports.com's 2009 rankings by position and Top 200 overall rankings.
  • The Bruno Boys will be adding their positional rankings for the Championship Round games all week long - so far we have the QB rankings up.
  • Gotta love the Broncos fantasy talk in Gregg Rosenthal's blog Pancake Blocks.
That's it for today - our library is under construction and we're opening up a new floor of study and research space next week. Somehow I found myself moving and reshelving books for 2+ hours yesterday, which is not an activity I normal partake in since I'm more of an online resources librarian - but hey, it was nice to help out. So now I'm off to go see if my crafty shelving skills are needed again...

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Matt said...

Boy, the raids of the Patriot sidelines and front office continue... but hooray for KC! We got Pioli! A new hope.