Friday, January 09, 2009

Heading to FL for FF

Good afternoon, fantasy football fans. I had a great time watching the BCS game last night and my Florida friends seem to be pretty happy with the outcome. Congrats, Gators.

So just a quick thanks to all of you who are part of the FFLibrarian's Challenge - there are now 203 of us participating in this fantasy playoffs run via's fantasy game and I really appreciate all of the interest. Remember, a $25 gift card to the store of your choice is yours if you win (courtesy of the Bruno Boys) , and the top 3 winners will receive some FFLibrarian gear...who wouldn't want an FFLibrarian mug or t-shirt, right? Now moving onto fantasy links for the day:

  • Lester's Legends has some sleeper thoughts of sorts for this weekend in Fantasy Football Out on a Limb - Lester offers up a low-profile player that will outplay a more high-profile in this weekend's matchups.
  • If you're itching for more 2009 thoughts, take a look at Scott Engel's One-Man Mock Draft where he takes a stab at the first six rounds of a 10-team draft with standard scoring.
  • Bruno Boys continues their rankings for the Divisional Round this weekend with TEs, Kickers and D/STs.
  • ProFantasySports continues their Start/Bench thoughts with Divisional Playoffs Start 'em/Bench 'em Report. I too am loving the idea of starting Steve Smith (CAR) this week against Arizona.
  • FFToday's Inside the Matchup: Divisional Playoffs provides projections for this weekend's games but also specific thoughts on the passing and running games for each matchup.
In other news, I just decided to attend the Fantasy Sports Trade Association annual meeting in a few weeks in St. Petersburg, Florida (ahh, the beach in January...). I'll be presenting an award for the expert website with the most accurate 2008 preseason rankings and projections - and after the award is presented at that conference, I'll be posting the results up on the Fifth Down and here on my blog. I'm looking forward to the conference so that I can meet some of the faces behind the sites that I link to on this blog.


Matt said...

Pretty cool about the conference. It's pretty amazing watching things that start out as hobbies and then develop into something more (sometimes even a paying job). I guess that sorta falls under the "figure out what you love to do, then figure out how to get paid for it" category.

I'm still pretty psyched about my lineup for this weekend. I had picked out the players off the top of my head away for the computer, and was surprised when the points didn't go over. It'll still be a pretty lucky stroke if I've got a full roster come Super Bowl, though.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to All this weekend!

Bruno Boys Fantasy Football

Matt said...

Philly must win, or I am sunk.

I grossly overpaid for both D. Williams and Steve Smith. *sigh*

At least Baltimore won.

Matt said...

Just a quick (late) television programming note:
ESPN NFL matchup (on at 3:30 am Eastern and 7:30 am Eastern on gamedays) is really good stuff. They break down game footage closer to how I imagine they'd do it in a film room, also moving players around or highlighting footwork, etc. to illustrate their point. It airs too late for leagues that lock down their rosters early, but if you're looking for a knowledge edge it's a good place to pick up some stuff your opponents likely won't see.

Lester's Legends said...

The Year of the Bird continues. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Flashback to last Friday afternoon. Matt is picking his lineup for the coming weekend's playoff fantasy football action.

Matt's brain: Hey, let's start ALL THE PANTHERS. It'll work out GREAT. Delhomme is going to TEAR THE CARDINALS APART.

Epic fail.