Monday, January 05, 2009

Thinking about the Divisional Round and MVPs

For those of you who are in the playoffs FFLibrarian's Challenge (and wow, the group keeps growing!) it looks like the weekly standings for my FFLibrarian's group aren't available quite yet - however the top 20 overall for the's fantasy playoffs challenge are up and all of those top scorers were around the 144+ mark and basically all had Sproles and Peterson at RB. Interesting stuff.

There will be plenty of links with advice for the Divisional Round this coming weekend, so if you're like me and you have say 5 of your 8 man roster to replace, no problemo. Take a look at what the experts have to say throughout the week. As for today, welcome back to work for the first time in 2009 to many of you - not so fun to have to come back to work after a holiday break, eh? Well here are some links to try and make the return a little easier:

  • First, if you missed any of the games and are wondering whose star shone most brightly, check out Lester's Legends Fantasy Football Peak Performers - Wildcard Round.
  • You can always count on The Hazean to provide an injury update in Monday Morning Rehab - the news on LT's injury continues to swirl and who knows exactly what will happen this weekend. I for one would be nervous about starting him this weekend but more news is sure to come over the next several days.
  • Fifth Down has a very quick look at the Divisional Round matchups - I'm currently debating between starting Heath Miller against the Chargers or Brent Celek against the Giants. I know a lot of people see the Steelers going far, so I'm leaning towards plugging in Miller, especially with his excellent matchup this weekend.
  • If you dig Berry's sense of humor, you'll enjoy his Fantasy Predictions 2009: You heard me where all sorts of randomness is answered.
  • If you're feeling a bit retrospective what with 2008 in the books, scope out the Bruno Boys' Fantasy Football MVP Awards (Position by Position) - I find myself wanting to add more names to this list in more of a fantasy fashion, like RB2 MVP or WR2 MVP...I mean it's great to know which WRs are top dog but, for example, which of the Welkers, Moores and Royals of the world were a great grab?
By the way, my brother-in-law gave me a solid Christmas present - NFL Game Rewind (thank you Brian!), which shows full games, sans commercials but with integrated stats as you can find the time to watch them. It would have been a nice little tool to have for the full 2008 season but I'm actually really psyched to go back and scope out some of the games during the offseason (at least until March 31 when it expires) and see if there are any players that really have escaped the radar in some way - particularly IDPs.

Finally, your feedback on the Snuggie has been impressive. You guys are too funny - I should have been busting out commentary on infomercials all season if I had known it would provoke as many e-mails and comments as I've received. So I'll keep looking for the next ridiculous product that I kind of covet...


Anonymous said...

For your birthday, expect the NFL Game Fast Forward, which will be all the games for the 2009-10 season before they happen!


Matt said...

Well, I've replaced my 6 players (Colts and Falcons). At first I feared I'd have to put all my eggs in one basket to have a chance, but I've actually got it split so that one of two teams can lose in one conference... but I'm toast if my team from the other conference loses.