Friday, January 29, 2010

Super Bowl countdown

The countdown is on - in T minus 6 I'll be in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami or wherever all the Super Bowl festivities are occurring. I'm wondering just how early I can arrive at the game on Sunday - is it inappropriate to show up 12 hours early? Perhaps. Once again I want to be sure to extend an invitation to all of you in South Florida to swing by the Miami Buffalo Wild Wings for the party I'll be co-hosting with Trey Wingo on Friday, Feb 5th. E-mail me if you want more details.

With all the chaos of the FSTA conference I forgot to note the leaders in the FFLibrarian Playoff Challenge - our top 5 players at this time are:
1. People of Walmart (428 points)
2. Titleist432 and ColdOne (tied at 404 points)
4. pink fury (403 points)
5. Planet 10 and MIAMI64 (tied at 402 points)

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LestersLegends said...

Yep, I'm a goof ball. What the heck, might as well try to make the best of that crappy Pro Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank the Librarian for the Palyoff League. As the Onwer of THE PEOPLE OF WALMART, it has provided a good bridge to the baseball season

LestersLegends said...

Woo hoo. I picked Steve Smith over Vincent Jackson and he scored! Ha.

LestersLegends said...

Stinkin' V-Jax