Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delone Carter lovefest and more

As promised, I've been working on an updated average rankings spreadsheet - last night I gathered all of the updated rankings and today I'll be cleaning the names up and plunking it all into Stata, which is the program I use to help the analysis go much more quickly. I hope to have it all wrapped up and ready to be dispersed by tomorrow afternoon...assuming my son's nap schedule allows for a bit of work to be done! But before all that, we have a handful of links:

  • Lots of Matthew Stafford love from the experts out there. Read up on's Who Will Break Through in 2011? for five experts' takes on the RB3, WR3, and up-and-coming QB that have the best chance for breaking through into the top 12 at their position this year.
  • offers up both Running back sleepers and Running back busts (including a list over overvalued players). Fairly standard suggestions here but it is worth noting that Delone Carter seems to be appearing on more and more lists these days.
  • And for more on Delone Carter, see Roto Arcade's Indy's Delone Carter a Clydesdale in the making.
  • It's strategy time at The Fantasy Douche - take a look at his QB Strategy and QB Projections Through Week 6. The FD uses an interesting assessment for determining his projections by looking at similar matchups from the past. It's intriguing and I'm interested in seeing how it plays out during the season. I hope The FD will join in on the annual accuracy contest, which The Most Credible and I are running again in conjunction with the FSTA, to look at sites' preseason rankings and projections to determine who is most accurate.
  • Finally, I know many of you found this tool from FootballGuys to be very interesting in past years so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to use it again this season - Rate My Team, just plug in the players you've drafted already and bam, FBG will give you their expert assessment. I entered my team from The FFNerd's Expert League and was thoroughly impressed with the in-depth report that came to my inbox incredibly quickly. Good stuff including suggestions for in-season actions to make my team stronger.

3 comments: said...

Look forward to the updated rankings. That Stata sounds pretty it strictly for sports stats? Is it expensive?
Also, thanks for pointing out that Rate My Team service....I know what I'm doing this morning!

Unknown said...

The Rate my team tool is amazing. The analysis seems very sound and helped me feel good about my team, even if I know that it's just automatically generated info based on projections.

Love your site, thanks for all the hard work!

KatieandMason said...

Okay, you have been very helpful! -i will be awaiting your updated rankings since our draft is on Saturday and I am a new team taking on the "yorktown crew" - i need all of the help that I can get!