Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Week 3 Advice

We're just three days away from the Week 3 action. There of course have been more start and sit suggestions and waiver wire tidbits that have gone up over the past 2 days. For the first batch of suggestions, see my post from Tuesday.

Want some rankings? Try SportingNews' Week 3's early yet but Vernon Davis seems to be veering far, far away from the sleeper I'd hoped he would be - and Sporting News confirms this. If that ranking doesn't do it for you, check out KFFL for RB, QB, WR and TE rankings - they have Clinton Portis ranked as the #3 RB this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I'm still holding onto Maroney as well...but the more I look at the numbers so far and think about how dominant the Patriots passing game looks and if they're going to keep this pace up...and if that matters somehow, and how...then I flip a coin and end up starting Jamal Lewis instead

smokkee said...

no way you sit Maroney against the Bills this week.

btw, i'm digging your posts. saves us all the trouble of hitting up all the sites for the relevant info. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As always, thanks for the props FFL,

Maroney sure is a hot, polarizing issue this week. Because of this, I added more reason to why I think he can't be trusted.

Good match-up this week? He has one every week with that team and so far nothing. What about the Jets game? (Read my post)

We'll see. If it bites me in the rear so be it but I call them as I see'em.


P.S. For the record I am starting him in my league where we start three running backs. Pretty much have to under those circumstances.