Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 4 Advice

Welcome to the first bye week of the season. I presume many of you are here for some bye week assistance and advice on who could be a nice plug-in from the waiver wire. I've posted some of the early waiver wire suggestions on both Monday and Tuesday of this week, but there are just so many out there - so read on for more waiver and start or sit sites:

I'll have more tomorrow but then am off to the east coast on Friday morning for a wedding this weekend. Not sure I'll be able to get my normal IDP post and last minute lineup decisions up for you guys but you can always check out my posts from previous weeks and find the Week 4 info on those sites. Now I am all for weddings and such - and am certainly excited to be going to this one - but just not during football season.


Unknown said...

Dear FFL

I thought I was getting a steal with Larry Johnson at #5. So far I guessed wrong. I have Edg and APeterson so am OK with RBs, but am WR-weak. What caliber WR should I expect for LJ in a trade at this point in the season?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Tough question without knowing more details; I think trades can be very subjective based on what you need and what the person you're trading with needs. It always helps to know who is on your team. And how clued in the other person is to the world of FF. LJ is a big name and I would think you could at least get a low-end WR1 from him. Many people are probably banking on the fact that he will have better production as the year goes on...I'm still not convinced of this but you never know. Since so many WRs have put up big numbers this year (especially compared to RBs), I think players might be more willing to part with a higher ranked WR than normal. I mean if Kevin Curtis is going to emerge as a big star (pure conjecture at this point), do you need your Donald Driver or Reggie Wayne quite so much? Speaking of Reggie Wayne, I'd be interested in seeing if you could pull a trade for LJ and either Wayne or Marvin Harrison. Those Colts receivers have been relatively quiet so far and could be nice trade material for you.

I personally wouldn't trade LJ for a WR lower than a low-end WR1; I'm sure others have different opinions and again, it's so hard to say without knowing your exact situation.

DoeBoy said...

who should i start as my WR#3 and flex :


Passing TD Pass 6 Every 25 passing yards 1
40+ yard TD pass bonus 1 50+ yard TD pass bonus 2
300-399 yard passing game 1 400+ yard passing game 2
2pt Passing Conversion 2 Interceptions Thrown -1

Rushing TD Rush 6 2pt Rushing Conversion 2
Every 10 rushing yards 1 40+ yard TD rush bonus 1
50+ yard TD rush bonus 2 100-199 yard rushing game 1
200+ yard rushing game 2

Receiving TD Reception 6 2pt Receiving Conversion 2
40+ yard TD rec bonus 1 50+ yard TD rec bonus 2
Every 20 receiving yards 1 Every 5 receptions 1
100-199 yard receiving game 1 200+ yard receiving game 2

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

With your WR3, I'd go with Wes Welker - NE plays Cincinnati on Monday Night Football. Could you ask for a better situation? Roddy White is going to be an interesting guy to keep an eye on and is tempting this week - I just think the NE/Cin matchup is too good to say no Furrey's appeal goes up if Calvin Johnson can't play this week but still doesn't beat out Welker in my mind; Lee Evans has been so cold and with a new QB, it just isn't that great a play even with the awesome matchup against the Jets D.

As for the flex player, I'd go with Lynch. Normally I think a QB is primed for more points (esp in a 6 point TD league) and I think that Eli has a decent matchup this week...but the Jets are easy against the run and with the before mentioned new Buffalo QB, the Bills offense might need to lean on Lynch a little more this week.

Hope that helps - good luck.