Friday, October 26, 2007

Consensus start and sit picks for Week 8

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to try something new this week - a start/sit digest of sorts where I give you the most popular starts and sits across the board. I'm basing this off of the start and sit sites that I linked to yesterday as well as a few more that went up in the past 24 hours or so. So first, let's take a look at some of the new start or bench sites that have gone up since my post yesterday:

And now the start/bench consensus picks from the experts for Week 8...
  • QB
    • Start: Brian Griese, McNabb and Bulger
    • Sit: Jason Campbell, the Carolina QB, Kitna and Favre
  • RB
    • Start: Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Jacobs and LenDale White
    • Sit: Kenny Watson/Rudi Johnson duo, Laurence Maroney and Ahman Green
  • WR
    • Start: Santonio Holmes, Kevin Curtis, Bernard Berrian, and Lee Evans
    • Sit: Santana Moss, Ike Hilliard, and Donald Driver
  • TE
    • Start: Donald Lee, Tony Scheffler, Heath Miller, and Jeremy Shockey
    • Sit: Chris Cooley, Vernon Davis, and Jeff King
  • Kicker
    • Start: Dawson, Tynes and Bironas
    • Sit: these were across the board but there was some consensus on sitting Kasay, Feely, Suisham, Hanson, Graham, and Janikowski
  • Defense/ST
    • Start: Giants and Bucs with Colts, Eagles, and Chargers also getting multiple votes
    • Sit: Redskins, Texans, and Panthers
Later this afternoon I'll pull together my Friday IDP Forecast so check back for that info. Good luck this weekend!


Anonymous said...

I use your website every day of the FFL season to find waiver wire tips, start 'em / sit 'em tips, and general fantasy news. This is an excellent "One-Stop" answer to locating the best resources available on the net.

I also like your new idea for compiling the start 'em lists you read from different sites.

Thanks for the hard work and great site!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Glad to hear the site is helpful (thanks for the great feedback...and for coming by the blog every day!) - I will keep up the compilation of start/sit lists.

Unknown said...

yeah seriously - you do an awesome job putting together a "one-stop" collection of great links. After all, you can never read enough before making that crucial start/sit decision at game time... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great idea FFL! I like the way it turned out.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best collection of information I have been able to find... You are very organized and your site makes it easy to follow throughout the course of the week.
Love the new Friday compilation as well. =)

Anonymous said...

loving yer blog dude. thanks a lot for the help. looks like ill be stoppin by weekly. and im adding you to the plethora of other FF sites i check up on for roster help. ha take care and good luck man.

smokkee said...

this is a kick ass idea FFL! now i can wait until Friday to get all the expert's consolidated consensus picks in one place.