Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Review

Oh what a big numbers weekend for one league I gleefully watched my stats skyrocket as Adrian Peterson kept running up the TDs and yardage (at this point I'd like to point out that I got AP in the 8th round of this draft. Yes, seriously!). Sadly some of my other players in that league put up rather unremarkable numbers (Sammy Morris, how's the chest? And Vincent Jackson, what's up buddy?) so I'm only up by 5 points with my opponent still to play Plaxico tonight. If I win, I'm numero uno in that league. So depending on that matchup's outcome, I'll either go 2-2 or 3-1 this weekend. Decent, but there's always room for improvement.

So let's get to a quick review of the weekend and perhaps some early waiver thoughts:

  • Wondering who put up massive numbers this week? Which RBs had season-high yardage? Check out the Fantasy Football Geek Blog's Holy TOUCHDOWNS, Batman!
  • Want a quick review of the injuries from this weekend and how that might affect your team? Give KFFL's Post-Game Injury Report: Week 6 a look, but note that almost all players have a "status unknown" next to their name - do more research before you make lineup changes for any of them.
  • And of course the free agent/waiver wire advice begins. Try FootballDocs' Week 7 Pick-up/Drop to read up on New Orleans' WRs Lance Moore and David Patten. Or read Fantasy Football Xtreme's Week 7: Players on the Rise/Decline or Bruno Boys' Work the Wire, the Waiver Wire - Week 7 for more free agent tips.
On a different note, my Northwestern Wildcats pulled out yet another OT win this weekend over Minnesota - this one went to 2 OTs and I believe Northwestern's OT record is now 13-3. How impressive is that?

And how about the Rockies? If you lack any sort of rooting interest here, you've gotta back the perpetual underdog (which, incidentally, reminds me of how much I'm enjoying the song The Underdog by Spoon) and realize that this winning streak has been YEARS in the making. Colorado is going crazy with Rocktober love.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Plaxico was able to defeat your team...too bad. At this point, counting on Plaxico to score less than 5 points is like counting on Tom Brady to throw less than 2 TD's. Eli is loving him this season.

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