Thursday, October 18, 2007

Javon Walker Out for Several Weeks

Oh Javon Walker. You shave your mohawk and next thing we know, you need knee surgery. Are the two things related or what? It's like Samson losing his hair and losing his power...Javon=Samson. Okay, so I'm not a biblical scholar but you get my point.

Check out Mason's Morsels for info on Walker's situation - his surgery will be a cleanout that could keep him off the field for a few weeks. Shanahan said "the doctors don't think it's very serious" and I'm wondering if those doctors simply don't have Javon Walker on their fantasy teams. In all seriousness though, I just want him healthy and playing like the superstar I know he is.

All Broncos' owners should be paying attention to this development. I think this increases the value of Brandon Marshall and my favorite TE, Tony Scheffler, among other Broncos receivers. Though it certainly makes Jay Cutler a little less appealing and makes you think about how much focus there might be on the run over the next few weeks...

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