Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 7 Review and Injuries

Well today is the day to buy World Series tickets here in Denver. I've got less than 15 minutes until ticket purchase time but I have very low expectations for being able to get through and buy them. Word on the street here is that the website/server the Rockies are using is just awful. These are the things that happen to teams that never win enough to ever get to the WS before...I'll keep you posted on whether or not I'll be attending a WS game in person.

But back to football. Enough of this crazy baseball talk. For your injury updates on the past week, check out KFFL's Post-game Injury Report - Week 7 or just read Rotoworld's NFL Headlines section. There are enough big names listed with injuries to send a shiver down your spine. Brandon Jacobs may have re-injured his ankle? Gore might be out for Week 8? Travis Henry left with bruised ribs? Bulger played miserably? Oh wait, that's no surprise considering the state of the Rams these days. Anyway, read up. I personally don't think Gore will be out for Week 8 - I watched him come back and run a fair amount more after this ankle injury so I am not even going to waste my time worrying about it. Yet.

Of course it's never to early to get the juices flowing on which free agent(s) to get off the waiver wire. So here are a few sites that are already up and providing some suggestions for you:


Anonymous said...

Ronnie Browns out for the season, according to a report. Hello, Jesse Chatman!

link here:

TC said...

Wow... you weren't kidding -

Rockies Ticket Trouble

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Yeah, frustrating stuff out there with the Rockies tickets. I kept refreshing my timed out pages on-and-off for a few hours (I'm sure they loved me for doing that!) until I heard over the radio that their system had basically been so overwhelmed that it was turned off for now. Not really sure what the next plans will be but honestly, I think anyone could've predicted this outcome when you have such massive demand and not a very strong server/infrastructure set up.

LJ said...

Nice pick up of Chatman in the blogger league. I drafted him in most of my leagues but have since let him go ....ugh!

This injury just put me out of the race I believe.