Friday, October 12, 2007

Did I finally beat my husband in fantasy football?

I just realized that several of you had asked earlier in the week if I had finally triumphed against my husband last weekend and I hadn't responded yet with a YES! For three long years I played against him often several times a season and could never beat him. So last weekend we played against each other in two different fantasy leagues and I beat him in one of them but not the other. So it wasn't quite the complete domination I was hoping for but it was a sweet, sweet victory. Unfortunately it was hard to lord it over him while he lay around vomiting and recovering from heat stroke from the marathon - it's a fierce competitor who is willing to make a puking spouse feel worse.

We are in three leagues together so we play again in Week 8, and then again much later in the season. I'm considering getting a trophy to give to whichever one of us has the winning record...


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I know how much it means to you. Next time you'll get the sweep.


LJ said...

Way to go nice Lady!

L.G. Vazquez said...

Awesome. Give him hell in week 8.

Anonymous said...


Let him know who the knowledgable fantasy football player is in the family!

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