Thursday, October 11, 2007

Start and Bench Suggestions: Week 6

Welcome to Week 6, friends. Also known as An Egregious Amount of Byes Week. Hopefully you all are still in the fantasy game even though many of the first round RBs have not exactly performed as expected. Not sure that back in August I would've believed that Laurence Maroney, Maurice Jones-Drew and Marques Colston would be riding my bench week in and week out. Here's hoping for a solid Week 6 from our so-called studs.

  • Fantasy Football Goat's Fantasy Football Start 'em Sit 'em and Sleepers for Week 6 - the Goat always does a nice job of unearthing some gems...and of shooting down Cedric Benson. Goat, I'm preparing myself for a massive, season-long "I told you so" from you - but my only other option instead of Benson is Julius Jones against NE. Is that really any better? We'll see, perhaps I'll sleep on it.
  • DR U Fantasy Football GURU's NFL Start em Bench em - Week 6 outlook actually recommends starting Derek Anderson. Now that I am a er, proud owner of Anderson, let's hope he lives up to the hype against Miami this week.
  • I am really just delving into the world of the NYT's The Fifth Down blog and frankly, I'm loving it. Read on for Your Mid-Week Fantasy Update and check back on Friday for the Gems & Gimps listing.
  •'s Start/Bench List Week 6 - will Kevin Curtis have a repeat performance of his Week 3 numbers?
  • FootballDocs' Week 6 Bench/Start - Jason Wright, who will likely step in for an injured Jamal Lewis again this week, is a fellow Northwestern alum. I fully endorse picking him up for that reason alone...but I also think he could have a nice week against Miami's not-so-stellar D.
  • Yes, LJ just might have a good week according to Coachbox's Week 6 Start/Bench Recommendations.
  • Fantasy Football Geek Blog has their Studs and Duds: Week 6 up and suggest that Brian Leonard might not have a great week against the Baltimore run D...seems logical I know (though they are allowing 113.2 ypg), and I may be grasping at straws here since I have Leonard, but wasn't Leonard touted for his dual skills in receiving and rushing? Perhaps I have a faulty memory on this one but I think that makes Leonard at least slightly more attractive this week. Sadly I have the Baltimore D in that league, too, so it's going to be one of those fun "hey, I'm playing against myself" moments.
Now while this site isn't a start/sit site, there are lots of great posts on here - so check out Fantasy Football Collective for a quick review of lineup and injury updates, all with a fantasy bent.

I'll get more start and sit suggestions up either later today or tomorrow - and don't miss tomorrow's IDP Forecast for Week 6.


John said...

I just came across this blog. BOOKMARKED

Andy said...

Concerning Benson - he hasn't killed me in my money league (but he hasn't helped much either...also considering that he was a keeper). This week, against the Minny defense, I think we might see one of those 19 carries for 40 yards like he had against San Diego. I've benched Benson, and even though it's a long shot, I'm starting Jason Wright for CLE. Call it a feeling.

Jim Nguyen said...

Great blog, great resources...

Anyhow, no way Kevin Curtis will repeat what he did against the Lions, that was insane. Hopefully you've got better options than Julius Jones against the Patriots. That may be a very brutal matchup for him and Barber III. Derek Anderson is not half bad, he's better than a lot of the so-called "studs" of '07. Did you get Warner by any chance?


Anonymous said...

You bring up a good point Mrs. Librarian, about Brian Leonard being a dual-threat in the pass/rush game. Last game he caught 5 passes for 33 yards and if he can keep this up, he could prove the FFGeekBlog "duds" list wrong. However, he has to prove that he can catch more than 3 NFL passes in a game twice in a row before we consider him a true dual-threat.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Jim, no I didn't get Warner in time - since I was traveling this past weekend I made my lineup changes on Monday night and Warner was long gone. So Derek Anderson it is! And my RB options are fairly rough - Cedric Benson, Brian Leonard, Laurence Maroney, and Julius Jones. Kenton Keith, too, but he's not an option this week. I agree with Andy's prognosis that Benson will give me only 40 yards or so but that's how it goes sometimes, no? And hopefully I can convince the FF Geek Blog to change their tune with a big week from Leonard...

Anonymous said...

You used the word "Egregious."

I hope this doesn't mean I have to improve the vocabulary on my blog. lol


Unknown said...

Alright FFL -- help me out.

RBs-- Rudi J, Marion Barber, Jason Wright (go Cats)

WRs- Colston, Cotchery, Braylon Edwards

Need to start 2 RBs, 2WRs and a flex. Can't decide if I should start Wright as the flex and if so which WR to bench -- Colston?

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Well an RB in your flex spot is almost always the best call. And your plan sounds good as long as Rudi is definitely still playing and you're okay with the fact that he won't be putting up big numbers. And of course that Jamal Lewis is out, letting Jason Wright show his NU awesomeness.

As for which WR to sit...Edwards is a no-brainer, start him. And Cotchery against the Philly pass D sounds pretty sweet to me - start him, too. So yes, that leaves Colston as your bench spot. Seattle ranks 17th against the pass, so really pretty average. If NO can't get their act together (yet again) then they could be planning on throwing the ball a lot to catch up and get back in the game. Could end up being a fine game for Colston but depends on how Brees is looking...

So go with your plan unless you hear otherwise about Rudi or Jason Wright. If you get bad news about either, plug in Colston for that flex instead since I think he might finally have a decent game.

Good luck!