Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Review and Prep for Week 9

I think there was an eerie silence over Denver last night as the 4th and final game of the WS ended last night with another Rockies loss. All I can say is, Monday Night Football, baby. The Packers are coming to town and I personally am really looking forward to tonight's game. I am playing my husband again this week (I happily beat him for the first time a few weeks ago) but things aren't looking very good for me - he has 86 to my 41 points. I do have Cutler, Driver, Scheffler, and IDP D.J. Williams in tonight's game to go so hopefully they will help me pull out a W over my husband. Again.

But let's get to some Week 8 reviews and some early thoughts on the waiver wire:

As always, more waiver thoughts to come tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, my co-blogger Matt is from upstate NY and is a Bills fan. I'm not sure he has loyalties to any baseball teams though.