Friday, October 12, 2007

IDP Forecast: Week new Start/Sit sites

It has been a rather long week for me so I am embracing Friday with a lot of excitement - and planning on dedicating a good chunk of time to fantasy football preparations. So let the links begin!

IDP Forecast: Week 6 - read on for the usual suspects. If anyone has a free IDP link that I am missing, let me know. There aren't nearly as many IDP sites and I am always looking for more.

  • Fantasy Sharks' The Hive: Week 6 - good stuff as always here and with the extreme number of byes this week, take a look at this list if you need ideas on who to pick up this week.
  • FFToday's IDP Notes: Week 6
  • CBS Sports' Witness for the Defense: Week 6 - lists a sleeper pick at each IDP position
  • FFToolbox's Week 6: IDP Starters - as always I find myself wishing they formatted this a little differently since this list is really just about IDP studs, many of whom weren't available the day after the draft. But it's interesting reading nonetheless.
Beyond IDPs, I have more fantasy links for you. First, I was reading's Rankings: Using all your tools and think it's always a good idea to remind people to look at a matchup when considering your bye week plug-ins. If the Jets and Browns really are giving up TDs to TEs like crazy, maybe give some extra consideration to picking up the newly returned LJ Smith (as long as he's definitely starting) or Miami TEs David Martin or Justin Peele could turn out well for you this week.

Want more start/sit sites? Try one of the following:


Jim Nguyen said...

Consider ARI's Karlos Dansby and ATL's Michael Boley folks...both are among the highest scoring LB's the last two weeks.

BTW, who are your IDP's, fflibrarian?

- Jim
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Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I have two different IDP leagues. In one I have:
Antoine Winfield
Barrett Ruud
Napoleon Harris
D'Qwell Jackson
I have hung onto Winfield but rotated the other guys based on byes. I'm open to suggestions to replace D'Qwell in particular since I just picked him up this week. Boley and Dansby have both been taken.

In my other IDP league I have:
Aaron Kampman
London Fletcher-Baker
Barrett Ruud (again)
Antoine Winfield (again)
Darelle Revis
Karlos Dansby
Kelvin Hayden
Again, I'm open to suggestions for some of those guys, but I think I've got a pretty stellar group there.