Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waiver Thoughts & Broncos News

First, I'd like to start off with some updates on Broncos players - sorry for the hometown bias, but it's valuable for all to know that Javon Walker is back on the practice field, baby. If you have Javon on your team as I do, take note that while he doesn't feel his knee will actually be healthy until the off-season, Walker claims it's go-time and he's ready to play through it. Hmm.

In other Broncos news, the latest I've heard on Travis Henry is as follows from the Denver Post: "The one issue to pay attention to is running back Travis Henry. A final determination on his drug test is not expected to be made until mid-November, but the NFL wanted it resolved yesterday. If Henry is suspended, as most expect, than the Broncos will likely finish the season with a tailback rotation of Selvin Young and Andre Hall." Andre Hall, you say. In fact, some suggest that Hall would take Henry's place and Selvin Young would maintain his current roll. So keep that name in mind when mid-November comes around. And if you're in the market for a solid Broncos blog, check out Mason's Morsels - this guys knows his stuff.

Okay, back to more general fantasy football stuff. I know you all are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Week 7, purely because it's that reprieve between Weeks 6 and 8, which both have six teams on bye (who makes these decisions anyway?). But the Panthers, Browns, Packers and Chargers are all on bye this week meaning there are still quite a few holes to fill. So let's take a look at some of the waiver wire suggestions for Week 7:

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Unknown said...

I'm pretty heavily invested in Broncos this year so it's great to see Walker back and practicing. Henry is a monumental disappointment and I'm counting on missing him from about week 10 on. I'm scouring the wire and trying to make trades in advance. Here are some of my waiver wire picks for this week: