Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Holy Waiver Wire, Batman!

Ah the start and sit suggestions are starting to crank out for Week 5, my fantasy football fiends. Read on for some of the start and sit links - I've also added a whole lot of waiver wire suggestions, too, since it's never too late to be checking on those.

I have a really big week ahead - I play my husband in two different leagues. In four years, I have never, ever beaten him. I came really close last year but then his IDP London Fletcher-Baker had an unheard of massive 20+ points in a game or something equally ridiculous. Beating Scott has become my white whale. So wish me luck.


Jim Nguyen said...

Good links, good information collected here. Here's a stock report and waiver wire that I do weekly on Sundays as well:

Freddie Footballer

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Thanks Freddy - this was my first blog post to Fantasy Sports Matrix and I have a feeling I'll be checking out a lot of the other blogs in there like yours...thanks for the link!