Thursday, August 14, 2008

2008 Average Ranking Positions

I've pulled together an average ranking position spreadsheet from 11 different freely available Top 100 overall rankings from expert fantasy football sites. There are a few important details to note - first, as I mentioned earlier this week, I tried to ensure that sites all used the same scoring system to create their rankings, but the majority didn't list their scoring system. Second, I gathered all of these lists within about 36 hours of each other so they should be as close to comparable as possible in terms of player news. Third, as with last year, players that didn't receiving a ranking within the top 100 from an expert were given a ranking of 125 for purposes of averaging.

Keep in mind that there are lots of useful tools out there including ADP (average draft position; based on where players are drafted in thousands of mock drafts), a tiering system (for an example, see the tiers in the Bruno Boys draft webazine), and of course your own gut instinct. This can merely be another supplement to help you while drafting. And for those who want a position focus, this weekend I'll create an average rankings within positions from this list.

The top 30 overall average ranking positions are as follows (but for the full spreadsheet from Scribd click here or contact me if you'd like the excel version):

LaDainian Tomlinson RB 1.0
Adrian Peterson RB 2.7
Brian Westbrook RB 2.9
Steven Jackson RB 4.5
Joseph Addai RB 5.5
Tom Brady QB 7.1
Randy Moss WR 8.0
Clinton Portis RB 9.5
Frank Gore RB 10.6
Marion Barber RB 10.7
Larry Johnson RB 11.2
Marshawn Lynch RB 11.3
Ryan Grant RB 15.1
Terrell Owens WR 15.4
Reggie Wayne WR 16.1
Peyton Manning QB 16.8
Maurice Jones-Drew RB 17.9
Braylon Edwards WR 20.1
Willis McGahee RB 20.1
Jamal Lewis RB 21.8
Larry Fitzgerald WR 21.9
Tony Romo QB 22.3
Andre Johnson WR 23.5
Marques Colston WR 27.2
T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR 28.7
Brandon Jacobs RB 30.3
Drew Brees QB 31.5
Reggie Bush RB 33.4
Steve Smith WR 33.6

The sites I pulled overall rankings from included:
FFToolbox (10-team, performance-based scoring)
Fox Sports
CBS Sports
Ask the Commish (12-team, TD+ yardage scoring)
KFFL (TD+yardage, non-PPR scoring)
Football Burrito (used a PPR, 6 points for pa TD system)

Let me know if you have any questions - I'm certainly open to looking at this in other ways. Since the last two sites clearly have different approaches to PPR (point-per-reception), you could rerun this analysis pulling one of them out - let me know if you want the Excel version to play around with this.



Unknown said...

you've got San Diego's def listed twice at 104.5 and 121.0. otherwise, great stuff!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Great catch Potlicker - I'll fix that today. Shouldn't make a huge difference but I'll get a new version up by tonight. Thanks!

bigboid said...

Ah, when you had posted that you were going to average all the positions, I misunderstood and thought you were averaging the different projected stats for each player. My bad. Still, could you please e-mail me the Excel spreadsheet? Thanks!

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

Hi bigboid, I can definitely send you the spreadsheet - just e-mail using the contact me button on the right.

Now as for an averaging of projections, I'm working on a post right now that includes a link to Sports Data Hub which is gathering projections and offering what you're looking for, I think. So keep your eyes open for that later today.