Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is there time for football with so many gold medals to be won?

I'm currently crafting an average ranking from about 10-12 top 100 overall rankings lists that are freely available - I should have the list up by Friday 8/15 at the latest. This year I'm enlisting the help of my husband's Stata program so that the process won't be quite so painstaking. Now one of the major questions from all of you last year was: are you comparing rankings with similar scoring systems? And much like last year, many of these sites do not list the scoring system that they used to devise their rankings. So while I agree that we want to be comparing apples to apples here, I simply don't know what kind of scoring system was used for a lot of the sites' rankings. I hope you all can get down with that slight ambiguity. And just to whet your palate, some of the sites I'm looking at include FFToolbox, CBS Sports, NFL.com, SI, ESPN, Ask The Commish, KFFL, etc. I'll be using this same set of sites and several more like Rotoworld and Football Outsiders for my "how accurate were they" analysis for 2008 (but don't hold your breath for that bit of analysis - it won't come until February 2009).

Until the averages are ready, I'll keep posting some of the best fantasy content out there that I can find:

  • RotoExperts have Scott Engel's first edition of Mailbag up for the season. And it's a good one. Read on for advice that we can all probably use. Check out the guy who has to decide between keeping Tom Brady, Joseph Addai, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Terrell Owens...wow.
  • The NFL.com's 2008 Fantasy Football Draft Kit is up - take a good long look; lots of quality stuff in there including sleeper picks, players to avoid and breakout candidates.
  • I have no clue what spot I'm drafting in for 6 of my 7 leagues but I'm pretty sure I won't own Brady in any of them. My Brady-loving sister probably just gasped (sorry, Katie). But the fact of the matter is I don't trust that he can repeat 2007 and therefore isn't worthy of a first round pick in my book, which means there's no way he'll ever land on my roster. Russ from FFStarters has my back in his Tips from the Red Zone blog where he encourages all not to draft Brady quite so early.
  • Check out the news about new FF league host Citizen Sports, Inc. from the FF Geek Blog. I'm playing with Yahoo, CBS, MyFantasyLeague.com and Fleaflicker this year - should be an interesting comparison of the different hosting sites.
  • Can't get enough fantasy football? Why not play in a survival league with The Hazean?
  • I'm off to go listen to Fantasyfootball.com's IDP Blitz - The All-IDP Radio Show in just a few minutes...


Unknown said...

Sara, what happened to your facebook page?

Thanks for all the great links and info. Check out this great way to browse your del.icio.us link roll.


Fantasy Football Librarian said...

lar5000, you're full of helpful info. I had no idea my FFL facebook page was missing (somehow it was deactivated...hmm...) but it's back up and running now. Thanks!

I love the favthumbs site, too - very cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey, keep up the good work. Looking forward to that Top 100 list on Friday!

Uzo Ometu

Chris said...

Hey Sara.... Chris from Dallas.

I am just now getting back into the FF world this year and wanted to say thanks for all the help in the past, and I look forward to reading all your posts this year.

I know the anticipation of this season has you squirming in your chair ;)

Take care and good luck.