Monday, August 11, 2008

First MNF for the preseason!

Monday Night Football kicks off tonight with a preseason battle between Cincinnati and Green Bay. Who else is psyched to see Aaron Rodgers for at least a few snaps?

The news on important players keeps coming...

  • Willis McGahee is undergoing knee surgery that should take him out for 2-4 weeks, returning hopefully just in time for the first game. This makes me quite cautious about drafting McGahee as an RB2 even - perhaps that's overly reactionary of me...but Ray Rice's value continues to tick upwards.
  • There's so much else to share but I'm going to rely upon the good people at Rotoworld, namely Gregg Rosenthal, to keep you posted via his Moving Day article which notes players that are moving up and down in value thanks to their injury or preseason play. Keep in mind that Gregg also has a blog, Pancake Blocks, that has multiple updates a day for those of you that need constant FF news.
  •'s Michael Fabiano also has a daily blog, though it doesn't seem to be updated with the same frequency - Friday's blog has notes on David Clowney (um, I might draft him merely for his awesome name) and Robert Meachem and how you should be wary before jumping on their drafting with any preseason belle of the ball.
  • Speaking of which, the new fantasy darling of the week seems to be Tennessee's Chris Johnson - Yahoo!'s blog RotoArcade breaks down his appeal in Exhibitionist: There's breakaway speed, and then there's whatever Chris Johnson has. Read up and know his potential before draft day.
  • Check out PFW's consensus draft board, updated today, August 11. It's divided up by position as well as a top 100.

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