Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreaming about football

Hello fantasy footballers. It's a new day in fantasy land and I somehow lived through a 29-round draft with only a few dreams about drafting players. Seriously, I was dreaming about drafting last night (and this is only the tip of the iceberg for me in drafting...) - I woke up with players names on my mind. This really might be a sickness. I'd love comments on the draft if you have any - and if you have the time to look at all 29 rounds...

Yesterday I mentioned that I have teamed up with Fantasy Football Xtreme to give away a free year-long subscription to their site to an FFL reader. All you need to do is send me an e-mail with your best guess at the running back who will have the most rushing yards in this week's preseason games (week 3) - if you'd like to enter, please send me the player's name and number of rushing yards by 7:30 eastern time on 8/21. There are some rules I posted in yesterday's blog but they're pretty basic. And for those of you who are already FFXtreme subscribers, I'm looking into offering other sites' products up as well in future weeks and months, potentially including Fantasy Football Starters.

  • Rotoworld has released their new mock drafting site. It has some very similar characteristics to Fantasy Football Calculator if you've mocked at that site before.
  • Also on Rotoworld, I recommend taking a look at their Looking for value late which shows a recent industry draft rounds 9 through 18. A few picks that I particularly like (though am hesitant to share since I know some of my league mates read this blog...) in each round include: Anthony Gonzalez in Round 9, Patrick Crayton in Round 10, Jerious Norwood in Round 11, Kenny Watson in Round 12, Jerry Porter (if healthy) in Round 13, Jason Campbell in Round 14, DeSean Jackson in Round 15, Laurent Robinson and James Jones in Round 16, Jags D in Round 17 and Josh Scobee in Round 18.
  • Draft strategy articles abound - there are plenty of good reads out there including:
    • Stuff-n-Stuff's analysis of Yahoo! rankings versus ADP and where he sees discrepancies is worth the read, particularly for those of you in Yahoo! leagues (which is around 60% or so of FFers, I believe) or those who play with fantasy footballers who rely upon Yahoo!'s rankings to draft well.
    • Cosmic Penguin. First, that's an amusing name and I will use it as much as possible here. Cosmic Penguin has taken my average ranking position (ARP) numbers and compared ADP and my ARP (alphabet soup here, eh?) for a look at the overrated and underrated players out there. Cosmic Penguin just gained my eternal respect for taking my work and adding to it; thank you, Cosmic Penguin.

Later today my tiering/cluster analysis from my ARP numbers should be up on Bruno Boys' A Librarian's Touch. I'll get a post up here when it's live.

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