Friday, August 15, 2008

Football thoughts for a rainy day

So for those who haven't noticed this in the past, I tend to talk about weather a lot - I kind of dig weather forecasts, patterns, etc. Nerdly of me I know, but if you could do fantasy weather I probably would. So I just have to comment on the fact that it's only in the mid-50s today and rainy in Boulder - a solid 30 degree drop from yesterday. Gotta love the crazy Colorado weather.
But don't worry, I've been focusing on fantasy football more than the weather. I'm doing an online draft organized by the Bruno Boys with some other fantasy football advice-givers like Rotoworld, Athlon/Grogan FF, Fantasy Sharks, Rotowire and many others. We're doing it so each of us has a 6 hour window to make our picks though it's certainly go by at a much faster rate than that. I had the first pick of the draft and snagged LaDainian Tomlinson - my 2nd and 3rd round picks are coming up quickly...

  • NoLimitSportsline has an excellent overview on auction draft strategies for those of you who are auction style drafters.
  • Take a look at Rotoworld's Tiers of Heaven: RBs to get prepped and ready to roll come draft day.
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs bring us Top 10 Fantasy Handcuffs, which also includes a list of players they wouldn't consider handcuffing. I think the latter piece there is almost the more interesting evaluation...
  • Dominate Your League has projections up listed alphabetically (updated 8/9) for RBs, QBs, WRs, TEs, Ks, D/STs
  • Now speaking of projections, Sports Data Hub (SDH) is now live with all of their awesome data and one of the pieces they offer is one-stop shopping for player projections. They're adding projections to their database as we speak so you'll only see a handful of projections in there but it's pretty cool to see such a graphical representation of them. Now it does require registering for free but once you're in, click on the Data tab and you should see the Player Projections tab. Enjoy!

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