Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Contest winners...and football links of course

Last week many of you participated in the first FFLibrarian contest and we have not just one but two winners...oh yeah, you weren't expecting that were you? First, we have the grand overall winner: Christian "Ghosty" Pedersen of Tucson, AZ submitted the best guess for running back with the most yards (and number of yards) for preseason week 3 - Ghosty's guess was DeAngelo Williams with 115 yards; Williams finished the night at the top with 101 rushing yards. Congrats Ghosty, you've got a one-year subscription to FFXtreme to lord over your friends and foes!

However, another FFLibrarian reader submitted a guess of Rashard Mendenhall with 78 yards; Mendenhall had 79 rushing yards so I feel like this reader's precision needs to be rewarded as well. Therefore Adam Green has won honorable mention here and also received a free one-year subscription to FFXtreme.

Didn't win? No problem. Send me your guess for the WR with the most receiving yards in the preseason week 4 games and the number of yards that WR will have and you, too, might win an FFXtreme subscription. The same rules apply - you must be a new subscriber to FFXtreme and the submission must be e-mailed to me by 4:30 eastern time on Thursday, August 28.

Now onto the football links:

  • Check out CBS' thoughts on why the #3 receiver in New England will be very draft worthy...we just need to figure out who that might be...Gaffney? Jackson? Washington?
  • Fantasy Football Maniaxs have updated their top 45 RBs - I wish this list went about 10-15 players longer but I do like any list that includes commentary and explanations like the FFManiaxs do here.
  • More rankings! Football Jabber has updated his re-draft rankings - the positional ranking links are at the end of Jabber's blog post.
  • Updated average auction values from Fantasy Football Trader are available - these are from actual drafts that occurred earlier this month on FantasyAuctioneer.com. Both an overall and positional values are available.
  • Can I be honest? I don't believe the Chad Johnson injury stuff. Okay maybe I should say I don't believe this injury will hold him back; the injury itself is probably legit. I do own Chad as my WR1 in a league so this could just be optimistic thinking but I really don't think this will be a problem for him. Shopping Rudi Johnson around hardly says that the Bengals are immensely worried about Chad; to me it says they are finally realizing that Rudi has run out of juice. But for those of you who are sure that Chad will have a miserable season, convince me of it. I just don't see it happening. And p.s. this only furthers my love for Kenny Watson as a draft steal.
  • SI has a bunch of NFC fantasy sleepers and busts up...I disagree entirely on the Patrick Crayton and Jerious Norwood bust calls here but I like the majority of what I see, particularly the sleepers.


tkadlec said...

"this only furthers my love for Kenny Watson as a draft steal"

I agree that shopping Rudi is more a result of them being ready to move on at the position than it is a result of Johnson's injury. However....I think Perry's the better draft day steal. You'll probably be able to get him lower, but I really think that the Bengals are going to give him every opportunity early in the season to gain firm control of the starting gig.

He's a big back who can catch the ball (51 receptions in 2005) and has serious talent (second back taken after SJax his rookie year) but has just hit some rotten luck with injuries. If he can stay healthy, I really think he's in store for a really solid year.

Butch said...

Yeah, but bringing back Chris Henry is a definite sign there's something wrong with Johnson. I'd be worried if Ocho Cinco was my No. 1 receiver.

Butch said...

Yeah, but bringing back Chris Henry is a definite sign there's something wrong with Johnson. I'd be worried if Ocho Cinco was my No. 1 receiver.

Butch said...

(did I stutter? heh)

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

You'd think the Chris Henry news would make me nervous, Butch, but I can't help but feel like this is just not a big deal. I could be really wrong (and we'll find out soon enough) and I certainly will have an eye on emerging receivers in that league...but mark my words, Chad will be a top 10 WR by season's end.

Now as for Chris Perry - tkadlec, you could be right. Perry has got the talent but I don't think he'll remain injury-free and then BAM, Kenny Watson will be there waiting to take over. I'd draft Perry before Watson but I'm guessing it's Watson who will have the bigger season by the time it's all said and done. But tkadlec your numbers and reasoning are convincing...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for winning.

Football Jabber said...

Thanks for the linkage nice lady!