Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick links and contest reminder

My in-laws came into town last night so I've actually spent most of today NOT thinking about football but just being a Boulder tourist. Can you believe it's possible to not think about football during this time of the year?

First, a quick reminder that you have about 30 minutes left (as of this posting) to get your picks in for the contest for the RB with the most rushing yards during this weeks' games. Send me an e-mail with the back and his numbers and if you're the closest one to the correct answer you'll win a free one-year subscription to Fantasy Football Extreme. Smitty from FFXtreme and I are in a draft together which has been drafting for several days now - here's an article from Smitty on our draft. And speaking of our draft, I gave you all a recap of who I had on my team as of round 7 and here is who I have now through round 11:
LaDainian Tomlinson, 1.01
Chad Johnson, 2.12
Peyton Manning, 3.01
Calvin Johnson, 4.12
Selvin Young, 5.01
Jonathan Stewart, 6.12
Chris Johnson, 7.01
Owen Daniels, 8.12
Patrick Crayton, 9.01
Andre Hall, 10.12
D.J. Hackett, 11.01

The league starts 3 WRs so I think that's my biggest weakness (especially with all of the Chad Johnson injury mystery that has since come out over the past few days)...but you never know!

Anyway, here are a few quick links for the day:

  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy has updated their rankings - they've got PPR and non-PPR rankings.
  • Steven Jackson ends his holdout, allowing all Jackson owners and admirers a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Fabiano's blog had a few interesting tidbits, such as Kevin Curtis' surgery that will put him out "for awhile" (giving rookie DeSean Jackson a big bump), and insider info that Fabiano received on McGahee's knee and why we might not want to have a whole lot of faith in his running game this year.
  • Finally, ProFootballWeekly has some solid preseason thoughts up in Fitz on Fantasy - I really like this quick style of updates; gives you what you need without too much extra info. Nicely done PFW.
That's it for today - enjoy tonight's 49ers and Bears matchup.

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Tones said...


I see you picked Selvin Young so you are not concerned with Nelan the center having some more work on his knee? Didn’t the backup center from last year go to the Texans. What are your thoughts?