Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Win a subscription to FFXtreme!

Greetings fantasy footballers. Drafting season has arrived (I'm deep in the 20th round of a 29-rounder right now...) and what could be more helpful than a free one-year subscription to Fantasy Football Xtreme? These guys produce some of my favorite content throughout the season and I've teamed up with FFXtreme to offer a few free subscriptions to you all, my loyal FFLibrarian community. How to win? Well a contest of course! Send me an e-mail with the running back that you think will have the most rushing yards and your projected yardage for that back in this week's preseason games (week 3). I must receive your e-mail before Thursday, August 21, 7:30 pm eastern time. If you are correct (or the closest one to being correct), you will win a one-year subscription to FFXtreme. A few rules to note (doesn't every good contest require rules?):

  1. in order to win, you must be new to FFXtreme - you can't already be a subscriber.
  2. if there is a tie, the individual who e-mailed me their projections first will win.
  3. on the morning of Tuesday, August 26th, I will send an e-mail to the winner to let them know of their dominating win - I will even announce your name to the FFLibrarian world if you so desire; also on 8/26/08, you will be set up as a subscriber with FFXtreme.
If you don't win this week though, have no fear! This contest will last for several more weeks and I might mix it up a bit. So by all means if you have any contest suggestions, bring 'em on.

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Unknown said...

Good Idea, but I will never go back to that site even if I was given a free subscription. But good idea for the rest of the community