Thursday, August 28, 2008

Contest reminder and draft reviews

Greetings fantasy fans. My mind is hanging on by a thin thread this week as can be evidenced by a few mistakes I've made - first, the FFXtreme free subscription contest entries need to be in today by 6:30 eastern, not 4:30 eastern (I automatically converted to my mountain time zone I guess). Remember to e-mail your guess for the WR with the most yards (and his yardage) to me today in order to win a free year-long subscription to FFXtreme. Good stuff, or as last week's winner Ghosty would say, big smiles.

I also somehow failed to see that signing up for the FFLibrarian's Challenge league, part of the $100K Fantasy Challenge, required a group number - I've corrected yesterday's post but for those who want to sign up, the group number is 1907 and the password is librarian.

A few links for the day:

  • My Bruno Boys' A Librarian's Touch column is up - FFL Draft Day Trends. I'm done with 4 of my drafts so I posted some brief thoughts on trends that I've seen so far.
  • Okay, this next link is one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile - the FFXtreme's freely available Injury Information Center. Soon they'll have info up about injured players but click on a body part and you get information about associated injuries, healing time and players who have suffered those injuries. Pretty rad I must say - makes you want to win that FFXtreme subscription so you can get into their paid content, too, doesn't it?
  • How should the wisdom of crowds/ADP affect your fantasy drafting? Check out Advanced NFL's thoughts in Fantasy Football and the Wisdom of Crowds.
  • Check out the latest upgrades and downgrades in's Barometer: Several rookie standouts on the rise in fantasy land.
I'm venturing into the Denver burbs tonight to have dinner with a friend who has been in town covering the DNC; this will be my first DNC interaction since Boulder is really pretty far out from Denver and the convention chaos hasn't spread this far. Hopefully I won't get trapped in a parking lot of a highway with all the road closures in the area. Then I'd see very little of tonight's football games and that's just not cool. So enjoy the preseason games tonight - and the start of college football! Speaking of college football, my Northwestern Wildcats will be on ESPN2 for their game against Syracuse on Saturday morning. I. can't. wait.

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