Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in the football saddle again

So I must confess, I think I'm in over my head this fantasy season. I've now agreed to be in 7 fantasy football leagues - my previous high was 4 leagues so this is bound to be a big change for me and I'm wondering how things will go. One of the changes this year includes playing in a league that is solely IDPs and special teamers. While two of my leagues in the past have included IDPs, I certainly haven't played in an IDP-only league before and the prep for this 29-round draft feels very different. In preparing for this draft I came across a pretty interesting article from FF Maniaxs - How to win a fantasy IDP league. We have similar approaches to IDP drafting - find the "tackle machines" so I particularly enjoyed reading this piece.

Some other fantasy football articles for you:

  • Running with the Ones from Rotoworld reports on some of the latest training camp battles
  • I love the weekly Gut Check column from FFToday and a recent column on draft strategies is likely one of the best strategy articles I've ever read. Check out Draft Strategy (What I Really Think) - you won't regret it.
  • Mr. Fantasy's 2008 Top 200 Draft Rankings are available; I didn't agree with Mr. Fantasy all the time last season (and can already see I might disagree with some of this year's rankings) but I enjoy reviewing his rankings nonetheless.
  • Football Outsiders provide us with a list of guys you might not want to grab in Taking a Pass: Fantasy Players to Avoid - I agree with most of this list but am not so sure I agree with the Garrard or Graham analysis. I also can't help but be a homer and think that Cutler isn't getting enough love here; Cutler makes things happen.
All for now...I'm catching up with my normal life now that my summer wedding obligations are over and I'm not traveling again for another month. Hopefully that will mean daily posts - as well as an averaging of some top 100 rankings out there. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

You are the greatest, Librarian. Can't wait to see your average rankings.

genushaha said...

Thanks for your very kind words on my IDP article. Good luck in your new leagues.

Unknown said...

Not every Outsider dislikes Garrard, he's sixth on the Kubiak list in the book. Jackson is 12th. Anderson, Cutler are buried. Eli is over Romo. It's a curious list.