Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Greetings from hail-licious Colorado

Tonight I think I'm headed to my second Rockies game of the season - off to see them take on the TB Rays with some friends who are in town. This is assuming that Denver avoids basically an 8th day in a row of extreme weather (tornado, hail, the works). This coming weekend I'm heading to NYC for a good friend's wedding and then to apartment shop since we're moving to New York in August. Anyone in NYC know of a soon-to-be-available 1 bedroom apartment? We could be neighbors who talk about fantasy football 24/7. It would be rad.

So onto today's football links...

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Unknown said...

I want to get in an auction league this year.. Do you know of any good FREE sites to do this? i would like to do a live online draft. preferably not IDP. I figured you and your readers could point me in the right direction! Thanks!