Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All the waiver advice you'll ever need

You know it's going to be a good day when you're going to the pediatrician not once but twice. I know, I know, I'm sounding like a broken record these days with all my talk about sick babies, but hey it's 10 AM and we've already knocked off one trip to the doc for the day and have one sinus infection diagnosed. Later today we just go back to chat with a nutritionist to talk about ways to help beef up our lean little dude since he's tipping the scales at roughly the 1st percentile for weight. Now since this is all stuff that meant absolutely nothing to me pre-baby, I think it's time to carry on and head straight to today's football linkage.


Glenn said...

I just pulled off a couple trades in both of my leagues. Thoughts?

League 1
Gave: Josh Freeman and Jahvid Best
Got: Philip Rivers and Devin Hester

(Very proud of myself for getting Rivers to give me the dynamic duo of starting both Drew Brees and Philip Rivers in my 2 QB slots especially w/o sacrificing too much in my solid RB core of MJD, Arian Foster, and Darren Sproles. Devin Hester was a last minute add on on his part (no clue why when I was just asking for Rivers), but I'll end up dropping Hester for Lance Moore who is surprisingly still a FA).

League 2
Gave: Tim Hightower and Dexter McCluster
Got: DeSean Jackson and Benjarvis Green-Ellis

(I needed a better WR than McCluster when I lost Kenny Britt so I figured I'd sell high on McCluster to buy low on Jackson who I think will turn it around. I can live without Hightower when I still have MJD, Fred Jackson and Blount, but Green-Ellis helps compensate a little).

Charlie said...

I feel ya with trying to put weight on your child. My 20 month old is a slender fella. We try to fatten him up a bit, but his metabolism is smokin' fast. Just like his daddy.

Anyway, thanks for the all the good info. You should turn part of this into a paying gig.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the rest of the season rankings! been looking all over for one.