Thursday, September 29, 2011

Week 4 Lineup Advice

Rumor has it last night was a wild one in the land of baseball. Not gonna lie, I'm not a huge baseball fan but my husband was flipping through the various games last night until we called it a night at the early we-have-a-baby-and-still-desperately-need-sleep 10:00 hour (hey, I'm pleased I made it that long)...but that was far before the drama finally unfolded at 1 AM. Hope those of you who watched it enjoyed the craziness and those who play fantasy baseball ended the season with a championship!

Onto the bigger, badder, and better sport: football. First up, please head on over to's weekly start/sit challenge to represent FFLibrarian and demonstrate just how brilliant you all are when it comes to fantasy start/sit decisions.

I've got plenty of start/sit links for you today and then some:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. Do you/does anyone know of a site that keeps updated auction values throughout the season?

Haven't seen anything on here - I apologize if I've just missed it.

Unknown said...

Great has automatic videos, and now Pro Football Weekly!