Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waivers, starts/sits, and pinstripes

Tomorrow we are hopping in the car and driving to Charleston for a family wedding. Actually let's scratch that and say that tomorrow we will be lugging bags (including a tiny pair of baby pinstripe pants that I somehow managed to hem; looks like a blind monkey got hold of the needle and thread though...), a pack n play, a ridiculous quantity of snacks and toys, and we will slowly make our way out of town at a time that meshes best with our son's nap schedule. But coming along with us will be my laptop, so never fear, posts will happen over the next few days - they might just come at odd times.

Off to the races, my friends:


Anonymous said...

gota say, absolutely love your site, i'd love to hear more of your picks because its mostly a portal, but well done.

usually im out of it early so i dont follow hard, but this year im a monster check it out

rivers, cj2k, javid, hillis, danny thomas, thomas jones, britt, jordy, bowe, s.moss, gronk, jets d

pickin up denarious moore and fred davis off waivers for p.manning and kwinslow

thanks for your help and enjoy the wedding

Anonymous said...

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