Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 2 consensus start/sit

Here is your list of Week 2 consensus start/sit suggestions. For those new to this feature, each week I go through the start/sit articles that are linked here on the blog and tally up the number of start or sit votes that each player gets. Take a look at this list to help aid in some last minute lineup decisions - note that players are listed in no particular order.

Start: Rex Grossman, Matt Schaub, Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Jay Cutler
Sit: Matt Cassel, Cam Newton (absolutely everyone wants you to sit Newton), Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb

Start: Peyton Hillis, Cedric Benson, James Starks
Sit: DeAngelo Williams, Mark Ingram, Marshawn Lynch, Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, Knowshon Moreno

Start: Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss, Mario Manningham, Robert Meachem
Sit: Chad Ochocinco, Mike Thomas, Dwayne Bowe, Steve Smith CAR (though he also had several "start" votes, so really take your pick; this one could really go either way)

Start: Owen Daniels, Brandon Pettigrew, Aaron Hernandez

Sit: Zach Miller, Scott Chandler, Chris Cooley

Start: Lions, Steelers, Bucs
Sit: Chargers, Falcons, Chiefs, Bears, 49ers

Start: David Akers, Alex Henery, Billy Cundiff
Sit: Rob Bironas


Gunnar Isaacson said...

Very helpful. Thanks.

Glenn said...

Why sit MJD and Dwanye Bowe?

Mr Cool said...

Don't know why everyone is so down on Cam Newton. They should be playing from behind just like New Orleans. If they think he's so great, why not start him? I'd start him over Big Ben, Flacco, Bradford, Ryan, pretty much anyone not in the top 6-7 QBs.

Jeff Bednar said...

This is an awesome feature. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show how stubborn some people can be that they're willing to throw out all reason before they admit they were wrong. GB got exposed last week. Brees is good but that is still supposed to be an NFL defense. Cam Newton showed that he's for real or at least not the same QB Carolina had these past years. Put two and two together and you have another good week from the rookie QB. They need to stop hating on the guy.

frankida said...

Question... is it necessary to have kickers on there? Kickers are like roulette but it's possible that there is some correlation to a team being able to score and a kicker kicking the ball.

Beside that I feel you could probably spend your analysis time thinking about something else. =)


ike said...

I dont know: A kicker on a good offense with a good matchup is going to be a better bet than if he was facing a bad matchup. And that same kicker would get even better if he was playing in good weather. And he'd be better still if he was playing in a dome.

Glenn said...

Yeah, a kicker just seems like one of those things that are just part of the game. Like Individual Defensive Players in some leagues: you're not entirely sure how much one guy will do, but if the matchup is good for a good Defense against a weak offense, you gotta go for it.