Monday, September 12, 2011

Moving on to Week 2

Gotta love a Monday night with two games, baby, two games! And of course my beloved Broncos are playing which makes it that much sweeter.

Now yesterday I was looking forward to a full day of pretty much just football. Yeah those of you with kids are already laughing since you know how delusional that is. Last fall our little dude was so little that he basically slept, ate, or was otherwise immobile during games. Not so this year since he's now walking and climbing stairs, not to mention constantly attacking the trash can, fridge, dishwasher, doors, cabinets, basically anything that can be opened or closed. It's non-stop madness in our house so football (mostly the RedZone channel) came with a heavy, heavy dose of baby monitoring. And painting. Yup, babies and painting - great combo, eh? As many of you know, we've been in our new house for about a month now and after weeks of having paint samples up on the walls, we're slowly starting to paint the house. This of course can only be done after our son has gone to bed for the night (see above comments about his total cloud of chaos) so last night we had one eye on the Cowboys v Jets, the other on our dining room walls. One coat down, many more to go...

Anyway, lots going on in our house so obviously I need some game recaps myself. And waiver wire suggestions don't hurt either, eh?

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LestersLegends said...

Hate to chuckle, but I love hearing the saga. Kids are definitely a game changer. Awesome first full day of football with a ton of surprises. Colts look like they could be in the running for Luck. Steelers have to wonder what happened. Same with the Falcons. Chiefs may as well pencil themselves in as one of last year's division winners that won't sniff the playoffs.

Thanks for the linkage. Good luck with the rest of the painting.