Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 2 start/sit begins!

So last week I asked you all to represent the FFLibrarian site in's weekly start/sit accuracy challenge, and wow, did you ever respond. Over 1100 of you participated (the most of any of the sites involved!) and I'm just floored by your participation. Our accuracy as a group tied for 7th with a 60% accuracy rate. Not too shabby but obviously we can do better. I'll have the link up for the Week 2 challenge as soon as its available and I hope even more of you will join in. Check out the results here - and you can also scope out how the various experts did on these exact same questions using the Pros tab. Note that as a group we would have come in as the 10th most accurate among the expert pros. Nice work, team.

Now onto today's linkage:


Hermodorus said...

The NY Times is utter filth ("and there's no debating that," as their self-aggrandizing commercial proclaims).

Verily, we must defeat them in the next FantasyPros poll.

Thank you for your dedication, FF Librarian.

Fake Teams said...

Thanks for the links to our QB Rankings, and good luck with the painting project.

Glenn said...

Hey FF Librarian,

First year doing fantasy football so I definitely could use some advice going forward.

What are your thoughts on Sam Bradford down the road after St. Louis suffered all of those injuries to their offense? I know that his finger is probably fine and he will likely play this coming week, but I fear that the absence of Steven Jackson and Amendola will only reduce Bradford's value and effectiveness. Should I try to trade Bradford?

I already have Brees and Freeman in the 2 starting QB slots but I'd like to have a reliable backup QB just in case. Rex Grossman is available as a good FA but I'd like to see if I can do better. Who could I likely get for Bradford? Or am I better off picking up Grossman and targeting a WR or a TE for Bradford? The reason I ask is because Robert Meachem is my only backup WR for my 3 starters (Dwayne Bowe, Stevie Johnson, and Anquan Boldin) and I have doubts about my backup TE Chris Cooley.

I know this might be a lot of information to process, but I feel the more info you have the better advice you can give. Right?

Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm a big nytimes fan, but I wouldn't have expected that group to be in first place. Maybe somebody should ask the readers of top FF sites to collaborate on a budget or job stimulus plan.

Fantasy Football Librarian said...

I appreciate your enthusiasm for defeating the Times and hopefully all other opponents this week, my good readers.

Glenn, sounds like some good news has been coming out of St. Louis about Bradford, and he's certainly the guy I'm more enthusiastic about for the season as a whole despite the Rams' injury bug (as an aside, Fantasy Douche has some love for Grossman over the next few weeks: I think you won't be able to get a trade worthy of Bradford's value if you try and trade him now. I'd sit tight I think and see how things play out, though that's often my advice this time of year.

I will add that I really don't think you need a backup TE. If you feel strongly about it though you could see which TEs are doing well after 2-3 games and drop Cooley for one of them. Chandler seems to be a flash in the pan, but who knows, maybe he's worth claiming off waivers. We'll know more after this week.

Hope that helps!

Glenn said...

Thanks for the help. The only reason I would think to have a backup TE is when my starting TE Gronkowski has a BYE week, but I guess one week without a TE won't make that much of a difference in retrospect.

I have another league where there are a lot more injury concerns down the road and I'm wondering if I should hold on to these players or find something better on the FA market/trades. First off is Sidney Rice's shoulder, but this doesn't worry me as much because I have Welker, Britt, and Dwayne Bowe starting. Next is Marcedes Lewis' calf, but there are plenty of FA TEs that I could pick up if Lewis gets worse. But the worst injury of all for me was the loss of Peyton Manning. I have Mark Sanchez and just picked up Cam Newton as a backup, but Peyton presents an interesting challenge since he's confirmed out of action and for a very long period of time. What should I do about Peyton?

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone .Am stacked at WR this week and need 2 to play (standard ppr league)
1.Santana Moss 2.Robert Meachem
3.Anquan Boldin 4.DeSean Jackson

Also should i use one of the above receivers at flex or Caddy Williams or Addai? Thanks for the help everyone!