Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wallop of waivers

Ugh. I'm watching the Broncos v Oakland game on DVR right now (couldn't quite make it past the 1st quarter last night) and it's just not pretty. Sad for this Broncos fan. At least fantasy football worked out a bit better for me than real football this week, but like many of you, I could always use some roster tweaks. So let's head on over to the slew of waiver wire links that are cropping up around fantasyland:


Anonymous said...

I have Matt Ryan and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Available right now is Chad Henne, Cam Newton, Rex Grossman, and now even Sam Bradford.

Should I dump Fitz for one of the other QBs? I'm thinking of going after Bradford.

Simon said...

Hey Sara,
Sorry about your Broncos... the defense looked better than last year though, not every week you have to face a running back like McFadden!

If you could give a shout out at some point for our GOAheadScore start or sit analyser, we'd really appreciate it - think it's a pretty cool tool...


Keep the links coming!


Anonymous said...

How did we do on FantasyPros.com's 10 start/sit questions?

Brooklyn said...

Anon4:17-- Stick with Ryan and Fitz. Ryan will improve on last weeks performance and I can't see bradford being any better than Fitz, especially now that he has a minor injury.