Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumnal musings + start/sit

It's a cool, damp day here in Tennessee and I for one am psyched to break out the ol' fall wardrobe. Perhaps this doesn't ring true with the mostly male audience here, but this chick loves a day when you can break into clothes that have gone unworn for months and bust out the jeans and sweaters. One thing I'm not going to love about the fall though? Being in charge of raking of my own leaves for the first time in my adult life. Have I mentioned that we're trying to mow our lawn entirely with a trimmer to avoid buying a lawn mower? Yeah, that's how into our lawn we are.

Anyway, lawn maintenance aside, the Week 2 start/sit challenge with is up and running. I'd love it if you all would go to this link and make 10 of the more challenging start/sit choices of the week to show just how smart FFLibrarian readers are. Once again we'll be up against a bunch of other readers/forums (note that has tweaked their scoring system slightly for the remainder of the season), and I'm ready for us to totally dominate this week. Thanks in advance for participating!

Let's get to today's top links:

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Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the link to the FantasyPros' challenge last week. I scored a 146--higher than all but two of the tracked experts.

I earned a week of bragging (thanks to your education), but know the fantasy gods may strike me back to reality this week.

Keep up the good work here.