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Feverish Friday

Shortly after I pressed "publish" on my post here yesterday, I got the dreaded call from daycare informing me that my son was running a fever and could I come get him. Again? Seriously, this baby is sick again? Last night I became convinced that I spawned some crazy version of a human that can't live for more than 2 weeks without acquiring some sort of unseemly germ or un-daycare worthy fever...and then this morning (seemingly refreshed despite the wakeups that our son peppered into the night hours), I remembered that this is probably just the status of all babies. They have tiny little hands and goobery little mouths and both are all over the place, so it's a wonder that our son is ever healthy at all. And frankly, the little dude seems just fine other than his head warmth, plus now that we live near in-laws, we've got some help here today letting me get some real library work and not-so-real FFL work I really can't complain. But if we've got a sick baby again in 2 weeks I'll be one grumpy parent.

In the meantime, FF experts all over the place have been getting their start/sit columns up. But before we get to that, I'd like to remind you to head over to and enter your best guess at their challenging Week 2 start/sit questions. All hands on deck here please - it will take just a few minutes and I'm eager to show off how awesome you guys are. In fact, I heard from two of you that were absolutely brilliant and only missed 1 of the 10 questions last week. Any FFL readers find out that they were one of the 8 (of 4000+) who got them all right? You can find out how well you fared here. And if pride isn't enough of a motivator, the top 50 folks will get prizes.

Moving on to our massive amount of links's go time:
I'll be back with the consensus start/sit by tomorrow. Oh lots toss in a little college football love here - go Northwestern Wildcats! Just bought my tickets to my 10-year college reunion and am ready for a little Homecoming action next month. Love seeing the Cats in person.


Anonymous said…
kids do get sick all the time, especially at daycare. better now than when they're older!
Sorry to hear about your adventures with baby germs. Hopefully, your kid will grow out of them sometime before senior prom.
Anyway, I love your one-stop shopping for fantasy football links. I've got a fantasy football blog, too, if you're interested in helping me out with a few poll votes. Thanks, and best of luck.

Fake Teams said…
Yeah, I remember when my older daughter was in daycare and she did get sick almost every other week. And when you schedule a day off, you can bet she was sick then too!! But it makes them stronger for when they get older. She is rarely sick now.
Thanks for the link to Fake Teams.
Disappointed said…
Sad that our society has encouraged dropping babies off at institutionalized "care". You wonder why they get sick so often. My wife stayed at home with all three of our kids. They were rarely sick. Bogus, garbage comment that it makes their immune system stronger. Just like it makes them more sociable right? I won't waste my time on your site again.
Glenn said…
So Marcedes Lewis is listed as doubtful in one of my leagues. Should I drop him for either Fred Davis, Jermaine Gresham, Ed Dickson, Heath Miller or Brent Celek?

Also, what is your advice on Peyton Manning. I drafted him in the 2nd round when it looked like he was healing nicely from that neck surgery and then everything went horribly wrong. I have Mark Sanchez and Cam Newton for QB, but should I hold on to Manning until he returns?
Disappointed - well the good news is you won't be back on this site again so I don't need to waste very much time detailing why your comment is so ignorant and rude. I'd just like to note that not only has the human race relied upon shared childcare for eons, but that not everyone has the luxury or ability to stay at home with their kids every day of the week (bless your wife and every other stay-at-home mom/dad by the way, they have my utmost respect), so if you could lay off the unsolicited judgment on my family, I'd really appreciate it.

Glenn - I think you're probably safe to drop Peyton Manning at this point. It pains me to say it but I find it unlikely that the Colts will rush him back particularly if they keep playing at this low level. As for TE, Davis has a pretty sweet matchup this week and I think he's your best bet of that crew. Good luck!
Fake Teams said…
Disapointed-seriously?? wow, you come out of your cave much? I have put 2 kids through day care and think what i said was accurate, and yes, it helps them become more sociable.
We disagree on all points, i guess.
Chris D. said…
FF Librarian - I love how you don't put up with anyone's crap on here. It is your blog and you should continue to do as you please! I come here for updates on FF and your commentary on your homelife and/or current events just adds welcomed color to your blog and my enjoyment. Please continue your great work it is appreciated by many especially me!
kate reymann said…
The first year of day care is The Worst. Seriously. It sucks. But then it gets better. As for Disappointed. Wow, I guess your wife never taught you to the saying if you don't have anything nice to say, don't think anything at all. FF Librarian. You rock and are my hero.

OK, off to look at all the links as I feverishly put together my lineups.
blogger said…
Oh how sad Disappointed will not return to your amazing site. Screw him, his high horse and his junk science. I also put my daughter in child care and she does get sick a few days a month, just the way it goes. Your not alone in this fight girl so you guys hang in there.


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