Friday, September 23, 2011

Palmetto state ponderings

Greetings to the good state of South Carolina. We've cruised our way through Greenville to Columbia to Charleston, probably leaving a trail of baby-fied crumbs, half-eaten food, and gnawed-on straws and coffee lids in our wake. We're doing a little regrouping before wedding festivities begin and scads of my husband's relatives arrive on the scene. Fortunately that leaves a little time for posting, too, so let's get right to today's links:


Glenn said...

Which of these pairings would you start?

League 1
-Mark Sanchez or Rex Grossman?
-Fred Jackson, LeGarrette Blount, or Tim Hightower?
-Dwayne Bowe or Dexter McCluster?

League 2
-Darren Sproles or Jahvid Best?
-Dwayne Bowe, Anquan Boldin, Deion Branch or Robert Meachem? (Pick 2)

Unknown said...

I would take Blount and Best for sure. Not sure about the QB's, and also, Branch has been doing well for me, the Pats throw a hell of a lot!

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Brooklyn said...

Sanchez, Jackson, Bowe
Best, Boldin, and Meachem.
Good luck!

Steve said...

I've been reading you're blog for years in an effort to help my fantasy team. It has led me to two championships in four years. Let me be the first to say, welcome to Charleston...