Monday, September 19, 2011

Poor Dallas, poor KC, poor Charles owners

Wow, the injuries came pouring in yesterday, which means I'm sure plenty of you are scrambling for a back-up plan today. Let's jump right into today's game recaps and waiver wire suggestions - there will be plenty more to come tomorrow, too:


Anonymous said...

Bruno boys stink, who needs 11 pages to read their waiver wire article?

Anonymous said...

Disagree with Anonymous. If it's good info, then I don't mind the length. Plus, I like how Bruno Boys tell you if a player is a good pickup in a 10-team/12-team/14-team league.

Jersey City

Anonymous said...

I agree. Too many pages!

Kelly said...

I know week 3 predictions are in progress. I'm considering dropping Donald Driver to beef up my bench a little. I already have Jordy Nelson. I'm hoping to snag Denarius Moore. Leaving aside who I manage to pick up, will I regret dropping Driver?