Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Pickemfirst giveaway and Week 1 advice

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day! I got a little giddy last night looking at all of the start/sit links that are pouring in...I absolutely adore this time of year and I hope you all do as well. Tomorrow is a full day for me - I'm actually doing nothing but posting on here and gathering submissions/rankings from sites participating in our preseason accuracy challenge. And baking banana bread due to an overflux of bananas in our house. But that's neither here nor there: mostly I'll be fantasy footballing. Can't wait.

First up, if you're not using Pickemfirst, you're missing out. I've gushed over this free product before and I'll do it again - after you've installed their handy tool and easily set it up to access your team/league rosters, if you're reading one of these waiver wire articles or injury news, a little icon will appear letting you know whether or not that player is available in your league. It's nothing short of awesome. Seriously. See it in action here. With the free version you get access to 2 of your teams but with the upgraded Pickemfirst Pro it's an unlimited number of teams - and all sorts of other cool stuff including fantasy analysis from RotoWire (which is great). So in honor of the first day of the season rapidly approaching, today I'm giving away 5 upgraded Pickemfirst Pro subscriptions to the first 5 readers I hear from (update: all subs were given away today already!) Tomorrow I'll be giving away 5 more so stay tuned. 


Squish said...

Awesome links today. One thing that bugs me is the link to rotoworld's preseason targets list.

Walterfootball has had the same thing up for over a week and is likely where rotoworld's data came from (since they have both left out Kerry Collins). Just trying to give credit where credit is due.

Link is here:

Also, if you have any pick'em first upgrades left I'll take one ;)

maquinn78 said...

I got a pickemfirst code! Thanks so much FFL! Love the site and the app.

Brooklyn said...

Hey Sara, thanks as usual for the great links!
Down to business though...
I need 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex.
Sjax, ray ray, Bjacobs, Wayne, britt, S. Johnson , aj green.

Everyone is welcome to give an opinion.
I am actually surprised that we don't have more start/ sit questions in the comment section. I would think that this is a great place to get advice, as I honestly believe that only serious FF players come here.

I'm on your site everyday, so I will give my opinion as other people figure out their lineups.
Here's hopin!