Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pick your kicker with some statistical perspective

Check out my latest column for the Bruno Boys, Pick your kicker with some statistical perspective. I know, researching kickers isn't on the top of everyone's drafting strategy but you don't want to forget about them completely. So I took a look at offensive stats from 2003-2007 and compared them to final season fantasy rankings for kickers to see if there are any patterns in determining which kickers end up on top. Read on for the results.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read, thanks.

This is only my second year, but I won my league last year thanks to Rob Bironas. In one of my playoff games he had the highest points among both teams, so I think kickers are pretty important - at least if you have the right one at the right time. :)

bigboid said...

C'mon Dan, you didn't really win your league with your kicker! You might have been close enough with your other players that it appeared Rob Bironas pushed you over the top. Still, if you want to join a league I'm in, I'd love to have you draft your kicker in the 7th round!