Friday, September 09, 2011

Friday start/sit advice

What a bang to start the 2011 season. There's going to be lots of love for Randall Cobb on the fantasy scene after last night's game (should you grab him off waivers?) and there was already plenty of love for Cobb here in Knoxville, which is right around the corner from Cobb's hometown. I love this time of year; stars appear and the waiver clamoring begins!

Just a reminder to head on over to's 10 start/sit questions to represent the FFLibrarian - show what you've learned here with all these awesome links and demonstrate your great fantasy knowledge. The link will be up until Sunday's games start and I'll be reporting back with how we all do compared to other sites out there!

Plenty of start/sit links for you all today and remember that I should have my consensus start/sit advice up by tomorrow at the latest.


Anonymous said...

Stafford or Romo this weekend?

Randy said...

So, who all is picking up Randall Cobb?

I knew the guy had potential and he looks good. My only concern is that he'll be inconsistent because of the spread-the-wealth offense.

Anonymous said...

will there be a weekly "consensus start/sit" list feature this year (as you did last year)? and thanks for everything you do.