Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 season brainstorming

I've got my thinking cap on, FFLibrarian readers. This is good news for you all - I'm brainstorming ways of bringing more content to you all, particularly in a variety of new formats. I've already talked to Sports Data Hub about incorporating some of their awesome graphics into my blog on a weekly basis but I'm also thinking about doing the following this fall: a weekly podcast, entering the twitter world to provide Sunday morning start/sit news, and possibly writing up a weekly newsletter with extra content and analysis for a small fee for an elite group of FFLibrarian fans.

Don't worry, this would all be in addition to the features I already provide such as the copious linking, the consensus start/sit, the preseason aggregation of expert rankings, the creation of tiers using cluster analysis. I've got tricks up my sleeve along the same quantitative analysis vein, too, so stay tuned...

  • RotoExperts' Fantasy Football Draft Kit requires a login (free!) but I think it's well worth it - lots and lots of material here ranging from Scott Engel's PPR Rankings to 2009 Busts to IDP Draft Strategies. All good stuff.
  • Ultimate Fantasy Football Strategy keeps cranking out the o-line analysis with my Denver Broncos and the KC Chiefs.
  • Wondering what Derrick Mason's retirement means for the Ravens from a fantasy perspective? See what RapidDraft says in Ravens passing game looks even worse without Mason.
  • The Hazean's The 10 Most Undervalued Running Backs has some interesting thoughts. You won't find me drafting Cedric Benson but the rest of the guys definitely warrant some consideration at the right value.
  • And speaking of value, take a look at this great article from FFToday - Overvalued/Undervalued. TJ takes a look at players from early, middle, and late rounds that are both undervalued and overvalued and states their case. Great read.
  • Rotoworld's Fantasy Fix videos are back - watch on for some good, basic fantasy QB info that every FFer can stand to brush up on pre-draft.
Finally, if you're part of the 96-team Fantasy Football Librarian's Challenge League, take a look at the league message board (linked off the homepage) when you get a chance. Since we're such a big group I've encountered some trouble in e-mailing all 96 teams at once so I've taken to posting important information on the league message board. Be sure to check that until I've got the e-mail capabilities rolling.


Jake Train said...

Hey there, love the blog. Perfect blend of mixing in other good resources and interesting original content. (something I am hoping to do with my new blog)

I've been doing some brainstorming myself, one of the things I'd like to do for mid august could involve others and based on your content I'd say you would be perfect. can discuss more if you are interested.

Ryan said...

FFLibrarian, can you look into using Friendfeed instead of Twitter?

The search index & interface is better with Friendfeed, in my experience. You could make a "FFLibrarian group" in Friendfeed & filter access however you desire - public, private ;o)

You can retain any twitter users, with Friendfeed, as it both pulls tweets & can push messages onto twitter.

Friendfeed's API can enable your messages to be tied into your blog here, too.

Ryan said...

Here's Robert Scoble take on FF:

"What have they done?"

For more info on's API: