Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Fond Farewell to my '93 love

I have driven the same car since I was in high school - a sweet 1993 Corolla. Everything in it is manual and the only real sense that the car isn't ancient is the new radio I had to install after the car was broken into for a 3rd time (thanks DC area car radio thieves). There are some serious memories from that car and despite its age it only has a mere 105K miles on it. That's what happens when you basically never drive a car more than 10 miles a day, right? So this week we're selling the car to a friend who has a 16-year-old daughter...feels like everything is coming perfectly full circle there and I can't believe how nostalgic I'm feeling about it. It is after all only a car.

Fortunately I have fantasy football links to think about, leaving me less time to mourn the sale of my old buddy...

  •'s 2009 Draft Prep: 10 Burning Questions has the CBS fantasy staff answer all sorts of questions, many of which I've heard from you all. What I think I like most about this is that there are some blatant disagreements among the CBS crew on guys like Steven Jackson and Michael Turner, but each has their justification.
  • One of my favorite not-really-fantasy-football-but-still-very-helpful sites out there is Advanced NFL Stats - and this week Brian Burke is doing a guest blogger stint with the NY Times' Fifth Down. Check out today's An Antidote to Jets Pessimism.
  • Ultimate FF Strategy has unleashed their ultimate draft tool. I'm going to check it out and report back a little more on what it's like so stay tuned on that front...
  • Chris Wesseling, a voice you might know from Rotoworld, posted some thoughts on a recent Sports Data Hub feature that I found pretty interesting. I've been a big SDH proponent and love what you can do on their site, so I was pleased to see Chris post some feedback on SDH, too.
  • Speaking of Rotoworld, scope out their update to the Criminally Undervalued and Overvalued as compared to ADP (average draft position).
  • Fantasy Hulks have some Anthony Gonzalez love going on - see which other WRs they think are primed for a breakout this season.


Matt Calvey said...

I often find myself, subconciously I hope, valuing taller and bigger receivers more highly than smaller and thinner receivers. I wonder if all this Wes Welker man-hating springs from something similar to this. The man has caught 223 passes the last two seasons, and yet he isn't worth being picked in the 3rd round? I don't get it. I think if Welker was 6'4'', he would be valued higher. Oh wait, Marshall is 6'4'', with slightly inferior stats, and he is valued higher, even though Kyle Orton is now going to be throwing to him.

Unknown said...

Welker was my favorite receiver after i saw him play with the dolphins. kind of a fluke thing that i saw the game but he is so shifty and never seems to be quite where the tackler thought he was going to be (except that one time!)he will be my number to with fitz again this year if i'm lucky!

-jdom said...

Letting things go is often a catalyst for new experiences. NY is a given, but I suspect letting the Corolla go will open up a door.

Thanks in advance for your feedback on the ultimate draft tool.

Last year you posted on the most accurate FF sites. I think you and your husband put the heavy duty math to it. Would be too much trouble to dig that up and post it again?